Wannabe wifi jacker pwned

, posted: 21-Feb-2007 12:31

I was talking to a colleague yesterday, who freely admitted to connecting to someone else's WiFi router and using that as a temporary connection, and also spotted this thread on Kiwiblog, in which most who comment seem to think it's fine to j (read the entire post)...

Woosh upgrades to 1Mbit/s

, posted: 1-May-2006 09:11

An email from Woosh arrived in my inbox this morning:

Dear Juha, At Woosh we strive to give you the best value phone and broadband packages possible. To further enhance your online experience we are pleased to inform you that we are (read the entire post)...

Taipei's citywide Wifi brings converged phones and free calls

, posted: 15-Apr-2006 12:28

As I mentioned earlier, Taipei's municipal authorities have decided to blanket the city with Wifi, a project that was almost completed end of last year. It seems to be part of the "Cyber Citizen" project which aims to promote Taipei as a technolo (read the entire post)...

Taipei IDF part 2: 802.16 WiMAX and 802.11 Wifi on one chip - Ofer

, posted: 12-Apr-2006 12:54

Intel's plugging WiMAX hard as we know, but it's also a WiFi proponent. The latter standard for wireless networking is very popular and widely deployed. There are hotspots everywhere (bar Auckland Airport of course) and you'd be silly to (read the entire post)...

Woosh modem upgrade required.

, posted: 8-Apr-2006 13:50

From the TDD UMTS department:

As it seems some Woosh customers haven't been told that they must upgrade their modem firmware by the 13th of this month, or face degraded network and service performance, I thought a small blog entry woul (read the entire post)...

Whither WiMAX, WiBRO and 802.20?

, posted: 7-Apr-2006 12:17

In New Zealand, the battle for competition on the fixed local loop has been won by the incumbent; that is, LLU hasn't happened here, unlike in the rest of the OECD, and even if does, it's meaningless now. See TechRemarks article here and Comp (read the entire post)...


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