TDD vs FDD for LTE

, posted: 14-Nov-2011 12:47

New Zealand is debating how to best use the 700MHz spectrum that'll be freed up for other uses after analogue television broadcasts are switched off in favour of digital TV. Mobile operators are jockeying to get a fat slice of the "Digital Dividend" (read the entire post)...

Huawei TDD LTE demo aboard the Shanghai MagLev train

, posted: 28-May-2010 18:02

I spent almost a week in Shanghai recently, courtesy of Huawei, the Chinese telco and network giant. There was lots to see, not at least the Shanghai World Expo 2010 which I covered for Wired, the well-preserved city itself and the public transport s (read the entire post)...

Apropos that new Telecom logo

, posted: 16-Oct-2009 14:12

Tonight there will be son et lumière courtesy of Telecom New Zealand, as the telco lights up the Auckland Ferry terminal.

Rumours are flying around that this old logo, some eight years by now:

...will be replaced by (read the entire post)...

Pipe Networks signs PPC-1 MoU: Sydney-Guam cable to go ahead

, posted: 19-Dec-2008 13:15

The always vigilant Commsday reports that Pipe Networks has rescued the PPC-1 cable between Sydney and Guam by signing a deal with cable layers Tyco Telecoms and an unknown key customer. Pipe Networks says in an announcement to the Aussie stock excha (read the entire post)...

What will happen to telecommunications in New Zealand next year?

, posted: 17-Dec-2008 16:00

There was plenty of pork-barrelling over broadband during the election, with National outdoing Labour in promising $1.5 billion to build a high-speed network that will reach most of us (the exact percentage of the population covered is still being de (read the entire post)...

March of the femtocells

, posted: 16-Jul-2007 20:52

Providing good coverage for mobile phone service is an expensive exercise for cellular telcos for many reasons. Frequency allocations are often stingy, it's hard to obtain consents to build cellular transmission sites, and organising sufficient d (read the entire post)...

One reason Vodafone shouldn't be your next ISP

, posted: 19-Jun-2007 09:30

Spotted this on GigaOm earlier - it's Vodafone UK's Mobile Internet charging.

Straight exchange....

'7.50 = NZ$19.70 a month for 120MB
'1.00 = NZ$2.65 a day if you go over 120MB
'2.00 = NZ$5.30 per megabyte if (read the entire post)...

Millions of Aussie farmers to get 12Mbit/s broadband

, posted: 18-Jun-2007 13:16

What a difference. While New Zealand quibbles about broadband regulation and most Kiwis are lucky to get 2-5Mbit/s DSL, the Australians are putting their money where their mouths are. Communications Day just broke that the joint venture between Optus (read the entire post)...

Local loop unbundling well over a year away on Telecom's schedule

, posted: 14-Jun-2007 23:39

Still trying to find the actual source, but I hear that Telecom has filed its standard terms for local loop unbundling proposal with the Commerce Commission, and... it looks like it's slow progress ahead. After the final Commerce Commission deter (read the entire post)...

TelstraClear kisses 30,000 029 customers goodbye

, posted: 14-Jun-2007 13:06

Here's a curious story in the Herald, by Helen Twose, that says TelstraClear is happy to give up some 30,000 customers on its 029 mobile network to Vodafone. Talks between the two telcos have broken down over the agency agreement that allowed Tel (read the entire post)...


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