Do you still use PPTP for your VPN? Don't.

, posted: 31-Jul-2012 16:10

The improbably named Moxie Marlinspike, mastermind of the CloudCracker service, strongly suggests that PPTP really isn't secure anymore.

Have a read of his blog entry which explains in great detail why that is the case.

The shor (read the entire post)...

Conficker wreaks havoc

, posted: 26-Jan-2009 14:41

I'm a little surprised to see the how fast Conficker (link goes to Symantec's page on the worm) is spreading everywhere. Chris Keall at NBR has a good story on the worm in all its evilness, with estimates from Symantec and F-Secure that the number of (read the entire post)...

A very non-obvious Firefox security hole plugged

, posted: 21-Mar-2007 13:59

A Firefox update arrived,, as I was typing a way here on deadlines. I thought it was a bit odd because came out not so long ago, fixing a whole lot of security issues.

The latest update also sorts out a security problem, b (read the entire post)...

Symantec antivirus makes encrypted files inaccessible on Vista

, posted: 2-Mar-2007 12:16

This just in from a friend in the educational sector:

Subject: [SECURITY] Symantec Corporate Antivirus, Vista, and EFS
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 17:14:16 -0500
From: Gary Flynn
Reply-To: The EDUCAUSE (read the entire post)...

Microsoft needs to rethink Windows Mobile security

, posted: 3-Jan-2007 15:33

The news that there is now an MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) exploit 'in the wild' or commonly available for Windows Mobile Devices was something of a déjà vu for me.

I got my first Windows Mobile device in 2004, a Telec (read the entire post)...

Internet Explorer VML Zero-Day exploit protective measures summary

, posted: 21-Sep-2006 16:56

Here's a brief summary of what you can do to protect your Windows installation from being compromised by the Vector Markup Language (VML) zero-day vulnerability that is currently circulating on the Web.

Swap operating systems
Th (read the entire post)...

Chinese malware authors launch Microsoft Word Zero-Day exploits

, posted: 23-May-2006 19:14

Alerts are coming out about new malware that exploits an hitherto unknown vulnerability in Microsoft Word. It is apparently China-based attackers who are sending out email messages with Word attachments. These in turn contain malicious code that inst (read the entire post)...

Hole-in-the-wall digits showing cracks

, posted: 7-Mar-2003 21:17

A paper published by Cambridge University Computer Laboratories researchers Mike Bond and Piotr Zelinski details a method that allows automatic teller Machine PIN numbers to be readily cracked. PINs are generated from customers' account numbers, (read the entire post)...


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