Travelling gear

, posted: 10-Jun-2012 14:16

A recent trip to Vietnam resulted in this story about Intel's Assembly and Test plant in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City - and some long overdue rest and recreation, thank goodness. I'd never been to Vietnam before and didn't know what to expect so wanted to (read the entire post)...

Sony Tablet S reviewed

, posted: 7-Dec-2011 18:16

I had a chance to look at one of Sony's Android offerings, the Tablet S for the NZ Herald. Here's the link the review. Android tablets (and phones) are improving at a rate of knots, and it's quite clear that competing vendors are working hard to h (read the entire post)...

Nokia N9 reviewed

, posted: 1-Nov-2011 15:59

Check out my review of the Nokia N9 "hero phone" on the Herald site. I quite like the sleek, black little thing, especially for the great pictures it takes with the 8Mpixel camera that has an f/2.2 Carl Zeiss Tessar lens. Samples: And a slightly (read the entire post)...

Blackberry Playbook

, posted: 18-Aug-2011 22:35

RIM's Asia-Pacific people lent me the Blackberry Playbook for about a month, together with a BB Torch 9800 (necessary for 3G data, see below); I quite like it, with some reservations.

Now, the Playbook has had mixed reviews. Wi (read the entire post)...

Reviews here on Geekzone: Dell 2130cn colour laser and HTC Magic

, posted: 25-Jun-2009 15:52

Short blog post today, to alert those who follow me on RSS about two reviews that I've posted here on Geekzone.

Dell 2130cn review here.

HTC Magic review here.

Check them out and let me know what you think. (read the entire post)...

Violent, no-sex Bond gets a Quantum of Solace

, posted: 24-Nov-2008 12:32

QoS director Marc Forster with cast Mathieu Amalric (Dominic Green), Olga Kurylenko (Camille Montes) and Daniel Craig (Bond).
SkyCity kindly invited me to a preview of Quantum of Solace and... yep, it's good. The film kicks off with a de (read the entire post)...

Microsoft Presenter 3000 and Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000

, posted: 24-Apr-2007 20:47

We are a WIMPy lot, us men, and mice are therefore important tools. Computer ones, that is. I've been playing with two Microsoft pointing accessories, the Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 and the Presenter 3000 a bit lately, mainly out of curiosity. (read the entire post)...

Cheap but good: Dell's Photo 926 all-in-one printer

, posted: 11-Apr-2007 20:36

A NZ$159 printer can't be good, I thought, but I've been using the Dell Photo 926 inkjet for over a month now and it's put in sterling service. Here's what it looks like, courtesy of Dell's photographers:

That handy rul (read the entire post)...

Updates for the Sanyo 9000 review

, posted: 4-Apr-2006 15:55

I've had some more information and clarifications from both Groove Mobile and Telecom New Zealand on the Sanyo 9000 review I wrote recently.

Starting with the encoding type for the music files, it is AAC+ and you can read about it in t (read the entire post)...

Kodak pours in pixels to tempt camera buyers

, posted: 16-Jul-2004 23:40

The digital camera megapixel war rages on, with photography giant Kodak releasing two new models with high-resolution image sensors. The new LS753 and DX7630 cameras come with Kodak's EasyShare system for printing and sharing pictures easily. We (read the entire post)...


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