"Three strikes" copyright enforcement fiasco in Ireland

, posted: 18-Jun-2011 14:08

While New Zealand waits for its "three-strikes" act to kick in, the Irish are finding their version troublesome. It was set up in an agreement with the biggest ISP there, Eircom, and the music industry in 2009.

Will the Irish experience be (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline June 17 2011

, posted: 17-Jun-2011 16:36

Subscribe to Newsline | NZCS Website Your weekly dose of ICT news and viewsThis week: Paul Matthews: Best Practice is a Myth Juha Saarinen: Ethics of security Jay Daley: Why you need DNSSEC Garry Roberton: Recent ICT Enrolment and Job Trends New (read the entire post)...

Things people do ...

, posted: 17-Jun-2011 15:56

I get a lot of email, and don't normally notice things like formatting or even images. Once in a while something sticks out like a sore thumb though, which is what happened today in an HTML email from Microsoft's PR people.

The MS logo was (read the entire post)...

Hi Diddle Griddle

, posted: 14-Jun-2011 12:54

Auckland used to be such a happening place. There were trams too. Trams I tell you! (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline June 10 2011

, posted: 10-Jun-2011 18:42

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Your weekly dose of ICT news and views

This week:

Paul Matthews: Innovation and Technology (and a little on patents)
Juha Saarinen: Still guilty on accusat (read the entire post)...

World IPv6 Day and New Zealand

, posted: 8-Jun-2011 09:04

It's World IPv6 Day, something everyone interested in things Internet should pay attention to as the move to the new addressing protocol has become urgent this year. Here's what the New Zealand IPv6 Task Force is doing.

The New Zeala (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline May 27 2011

, posted: 27-May-2011 16:05

Subscribe to Newsline | NZCS Website NZCS Newsline27 May 2011 Your weekly dose of ICT news and views This week: Paul Matthews: Copyright Regulations and a couple of updates Juha Saarinen: It's the law Donald Clark: Does IPv6 ensure the survival (read the entire post)...


, posted: 26-May-2011 11:19

. . . a long overdue make over for my Geekzone blog, courtesy of Ian Simpson of The Logic Studio in Dunedin. I'm very pleased with the result. The blog looks great and renders well on Firefox 4.x, Chrome 12.x, Safari 5.x and on the browsers that com (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline: Taxing software, Chromebooks, Future of ISPs and Copyright

, posted: 14-May-2011 11:16

Subscribe to Newsline | NZCS Website NZCS Newsline14 May 2011 Your weekly dose of ICT news and views This week: Paul Matthews: Taxing times for Software Projects Juha Saarinen: Notbooks Stu Fleming: Tough year ahead for New Zealand ISPs Paul B (read the entire post)...

What "lost sales to piracy"?

, posted: 12-May-2011 13:20

Chris Keall at NBR has looked at the Flicks NZ Cinema Census that apparently asked some 4,000 people about whether or not they download movies without paying - and lots of people do.

Why do they do it? Mainly because you can't get the stuf (read the entire post)...


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