TDD vs FDD for LTE

, posted: 14-Nov-2011 12:47

New Zealand is debating how to best use the 700MHz spectrum that'll be freed up for other uses after analogue television broadcasts are switched off in favour of digital TV. Mobile operators are jockeying to get a fat slice of the "Digital Dividend" (read the entire post)...

InternetNZ Christchurch Funding Round

, posted: 14-Nov-2011 09:59

I received the below this morning from InternetNZ, and am reposting it on my blog. Please spread the word. InternetNZ has launched a funding round as part of its contribution to helping rebuild the earthquake-ravaged Canterbury region. If you or your (read the entire post)...

Nokia N9 reviewed

, posted: 1-Nov-2011 15:59

Check out my review of the Nokia N9 "hero phone" on the Herald site. I quite like the sleek, black little thing, especially for the great pictures it takes with the 8Mpixel camera that has an f/2.2 Carl Zeiss Tessar lens. Samples: And a slightly (read the entire post)...

Dilbert, and social media curation

, posted: 30-Oct-2011 19:11

I hear that so much. Someone screws up monumentally, point of no return, an utter cluster copulation, you name it. Instead of stopping there and undoing the badness, you have to ignore and move on. Going forward! Yaaaaah! You betcha. (read the entire post)...

Startup Weekend Wellington

, posted: 27-Oct-2011 11:30

Dave Moskovitz tells me Start Up Weekend is on next week, in Wellington. He would of course know, being one of the organisers. The event promises "an intense 54 hours", focusing on building a web or mobile app that could form the basis of a credible (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline: Troy, C, video games and design

, posted: 14-Oct-2011 15:40

Subscribe to Newsline | NZCS Website NZCS Newsline14 October 2011 Your weekly dose of ICT news and views This week: Paul Matthews: The Horse of Troy Juha Saarinen: Unterminated Stephen Knightly: Video games: The next Big Thing for NZ? Caroline J (read the entire post)...

Samsung Galaxy Tab so good Apple wants it banned?

, posted: 13-Oct-2011 15:36

The global intellectual property war between Samsung and Apple is heating up. Apple managed to get the Galaxy Tab banned in Germany this September, and now the Federal Court of Australia awarded the Cupertino crowd an "interlocutory injunction" again (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline: ITCP, Steve Jobs, Women in tech, Designing to overcome behaviour barriers

, posted: 7-Oct-2011 16:26

Subscribe to Newsline | NZCS Website NZCS Newsline7 October 2011 Your weekly dose of ICT news and views This week: Paul Matthews: The What's and Why's of Professional Certification NZCS Team: NZCS Submission on discontinued software Juha Saarinen (read the entire post)...

Symbian Anna on Nokia N8

, posted: 5-Oct-2011 14:39

Today's the day Apple launched the new non-iPhone 5, and it looks good. That's all I can say about it; for more details, read Siobhan Keogh's story in PC World with details on what's available in NZ - and what isn't. Meanwhile, I've fired up the Noki (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline: Asia, Facebook, dev in schools, and IT security

, posted: 23-Sep-2011 15:41

Subscribe to Newsline | NZCS Website NZCS Newsline23 September 2011 Your weekly dose of ICT news and views This week Ray Delany: We're all AsiaNZ Juha Saarinen: Timeline Tim Bell: Developing developers instead of creating users Andy Prow: IT Sec (read the entire post)...


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