Hacker accused of underage porn

, posted: 5-Dec-2003 22:05

Convicted hacker Jodi Jones is again embroiled in controversy, this time for running a website that contains
pornographic images of young women.

Some of the images were posted on the site without consent, with others raising question (read the entire post)...

Peering spat disconnects TelstraClear customers from large NZ website

, posted: 26-Nov-2003 22:03

Customers of TelstraClear and its internet arm Paradise Net yesterday found themselves unable to access websites hosted by Auckland internet provider ICONZ.

Some of the sites that disappeared off TelstraClear customers' horizon include (read the entire post)...

Domain name scheme resurfaces

, posted: 29-Oct-2003 22:01

Australian Chesley Rafferty and his company, trading here as Domain Names NZ, are once again trying to get New Zealand domain name holders to part with $237.

The fee is supposedly for registering the .net.nz variant of a name holder's (read the entire post)...

Xtra feels heat over pricing

, posted: 23-Sep-2003 21:59

Internet providers have criticised Telecom Xtra's revised residential broadband plans as anti-competitive because the price cut further reduces their already small margins for reselling the service.

On Friday, Xtra lowered prices by $1 (read the entire post)...

Hacker put details on web in spite

, posted: 17-Sep-2003 21:58

A 14-year-old hacker put 895 customer records of Hamilton internet provider Net4U on the web in an act of spite. The information included the names, addresses and telephone numbers, as well as email addresses, passwords and customers' credit card (read the entire post)...

2day.com offline after admin error

, posted: 17-Sep-2003 21:56

An administrative error by 2day.com's United States registrar meant the local web hoster was effectively taken off the internet earlier today. The US registrar had wrongly caused the 2day.com zone to be removed from the .com hierarchy.

read the entire post)...

Vigilantes wage war on spam

, posted: 22-Aug-2003 21:54

Shane Atkinson, the prolific penis pill spammer outed by the Herald last Friday, wasn't discovered thanks to an official agency in New Zealand or elsewhere in the world.

Instead, because we do not have any laws outlawing spam, it was t (read the entire post)...

Spammer ducks for cover as details published on web

, posted: 19-Aug-2003 21:52

A New Zealander who sent millions of junk emails out every day has shut his business after his personal details were posted on the web.

Shane Atkinson - whose business is known as spamming - said the barrage of abuse made him worry about t (read the entire post)...

'Formula' contains herbal ingredients

, posted: 15-Aug-2003 21:49

Atkinson sent the Herald a sample bottle of the US-made VP-RX pills he sells, which unlike the spam does not make any claims about penis enlargement. They are labelled as a "male formula" and contain herbal ingredients (see below).

Most of (read the entire post)...

Spammers hit below men's belts

, posted: 15-Aug-2003 21:47

Competing fiercely with solicitation from the relatives of dead African dictators and US mortgage sales pitches, spammers are targeting men with big ambitions.

The emails arrive daily: "How to boost your penis size & self-esteem" and "Sati (read the entire post)...


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