Microsoft connected to $77.6m SCO financing deal

, posted: 16-Mar-2004 22:45

Many in the Open Source community have long suspected that SCO is a hitman for Microsoft, with a mission to take out Linux even if it burns and crashes itself in the process.

Thursday last week it seemed the suspicions were confirmed when (read the entire post)...

Sound advice for home theatre audio

, posted: 12-Mar-2004 22:42

Audio is as important for a great home theatre experience as vision, yet it tends to be overlooked in the hunt for big-screen dazzle. As with screens, there is a bewildering array of audio gear to choose from, with prices ranging from $1000 all-in-on (read the entire post)...

Home or away, the fees are the same

, posted: 9-Mar-2004 22:39

Internet customers paying for overseas traffic may be receiving the data from local links - but are still charged international data rates. The data may also count towards their international data traffic caps, even though it is local. Internet provi (read the entire post)...

Telecom rival offers new fast net plans

, posted: 2-Mar-2004 22:37

TelstraClear is challenging Telecom with a range of new fast internet access plans with large monthly data
allowances in areas covered by its cable network - Wellington, Kapiti and Christchurch.

The three new plans are called HighSpe (read the entire post)...

DVD recorder runs rings around tape

, posted: 27-Feb-2004 22:34

If you're looking for an affordable DVD recorder to replace your VCR, but want a well-known brand, the Philips
DVDR-75/691 could fit the bill. This next-generation dual format device records and plays "plus" DVD+R/RW discs, but also plays t (read the entire post)...

DVDs - the clear picture

, posted: 20-Feb-2004 22:29

Nobody agrees on what DVD stands for, but the optical discs are undeniably taking over from video tape at home. The image and sound quality is much better, and the discs are far more robust and convenient to handle than tapes (plus, you'll never (read the entire post)...

SCO Group's demands on fees may spark action

, posted: 17-Feb-2004 22:27

The SCO Group, locked in a bitter war against Linux and embroiled in a US$5 billion ($7 billion) lawsuit against IBM, may be heading into trouble with the regulatory authorities in New Zealand and Australia.

Asserting it holds the rights t (read the entire post)...

Price war looms in net trade

, posted: 17-Feb-2004 22:24

A broadband price war could be as close as June as Telecom prepares to give competitors access to wholesale high-speed internet services that may undercut the Jetstream deals it unveiled last week. According to information the Herald has received, Te (read the entire post)...

Choosing the right technology for the big picture

, posted: 13-Feb-2004 22:19

Shopping for a television set is no longer simple. Walk into the TV section of any appliance or department store and you will be greeted with a bewildering array of display technologies - CRT, rear or front projector, LCD or plasma - each of which ha (read the entire post)...

Buy-Line crash hurts online firms

, posted: 3-Feb-2004 22:17

The only New Zealand-based multi-currency internet credit card processing service, BNZ's Buy-Line, went down just before 3pm last Friday, leaving many web merchants unable to complete orders until 3.30pm the following day.

The Buy-Lin (read the entire post)...


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