'Peering' changes set to hit internet businesses

, posted: 25-May-2004 23:15

Internet backbone providers TelstraClear and Telecom are changing their policies around "internet peering", spelling profound changes for the internet industry. Peering is internet jargon for the exchange of similar amounts and types of data between (read the entire post)...

Telco's refusal to peer angers providers

, posted: 25-May-2004 23:12

TelstraClear's recently announced policy of charging for peering with its New Zealand network has met with anger from internet providers, some of which threaten to take their business elsewhere.

Under the new peering regime, data traff (read the entire post)...

Slow-starting Nikon launches fast shooter

, posted: 21-May-2004 23:09

After using the electronic displays and viewfinders in digital cameras, peering through the lens of the Nikon D70 in order to compose shots is something of a revelation. You see what the lens projects on to the sensor and there is none of the lag and (read the entire post)...

Fast and easy action for getting up close

, posted: 7-May-2004 23:05

The outstanding feature on Panasonic's new Lumix FZ-10 is the Leica aspherical zoom lens with a maximum aperture of 2.8 throughout the focal range.

That's quite a range. The 6-70mm is equivalent to 35-420mm on a 35mm film camera, a (read the entire post)...

NZ connection in US spam prosecution

, posted: 4-May-2004 23:02

An Australian spam operation with New Zealand connections is one of two cases brought by the United States Federal Trade Commission, under the new Can-Spam Act.

Lance Thomas Atkinson, who lives in Australia, is the brother of Shane Atkinso (read the entire post)...

Wholesale deal better than unbundling, says Orcon

, posted: 20-Apr-2004 23:00

Albany internet provider Orcon is first out of the blocks with a wholesale agreement that allows it to resell a
range of telco products and services to residential users. Inked on the fifth of this month but not released to media until 10 days (read the entire post)...

Telco slow to act on porn posts

, posted: 6-Apr-2004 22:57

The administrator of a website popular with children claims he has had to ban all TelstraClear subscribers in order to prevent one of the internet provider's users from posting offensive pornographic material. According to Melbourne-based Max Bar (read the entire post)...

Format war plaguing DVD recorders

, posted: 2-Apr-2004 22:53

This looks set to be the year of the DVD recorder as prices come down to levels that make it attractive for consumers to upgrade from video-cassette recorders. But sales of DVD recorders have been bedevilled by a media format war. Unlike recordable c (read the entire post)...

Herald caught in anti-spam crossfire

, posted: 30-Mar-2004 22:50

Allegations of spamming made against Herald sister company UBD has caused email from the media group to be blocked by users of the Spamhaus Block List (SBL) which protects an estimated 200 million mailboxes worldwide from spam.

UBD, which (read the entire post)...

Internet provider Fast Access in murky domain name deal

, posted: 16-Mar-2004 22:47

Sahil Gupta, the owner of Hamilton internet provider Fast Access, is again embroiled in controversy. Gupta faces accusations of having hijacked fellow Hamilton internet provider Netstream's domain names to enforce
payment of debts owed to h (read the entire post)...


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