Xtra to introduce port 25 filtering

, posted: 27-Mar-2006 12:56

Quite a few overseas ISPs already do it in an effort to filter out spam and worm traffic from their customers, but NZ's largest ISP, Telecom Xtra, has resisted blocking traffic on TCP 25, or the port used for SMTP.

The filtering will c (read the entire post)...

WiMAX versus ADSL2+?

, posted: 25-Mar-2006 10:35

"The technologies behind WiMAX should allow for wireless data speeds of up to 40 Mbit/s over
a distance of 10 kilometres using relatively inexpensive equipment. These same technologies could also
offer faster data transfers to mobile device (read the entire post)...

Kodak pours in pixels to tempt camera buyers

, posted: 16-Jul-2004 23:40

The digital camera megapixel war rages on, with photography giant Kodak releasing two new models with high-resolution image sensors. The new LS753 and DX7630 cameras come with Kodak's EasyShare system for printing and sharing pictures easily. We (read the entire post)...

Palmerston North broadband speeds past others

, posted: 13-Jul-2004 23:39

While most New Zealand's broadband customers consider themselves lucky to get connection speeds in the hundreds of kilobit per second range, Palmerston North's business district can network at 10 and 100 megabit per second thanks to a local i (read the entire post)...

Nice phone - pity about that screen though

, posted: 25-Jun-2004 23:36

Is it a phone or a personal digital assistant (PDA)? That's the first question that pops up when you see the PalmOne Treo 600, which manages both functions, and does so rather well.

PalmOne has got the dimensions pretty much right with (read the entire post)...

Decision on telcos slammed

, posted: 22-Jun-2004 23:32

A scathing peer review commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development says the Commerce Commission erred in under-estimating the net benefits of local loop unbundling and drew conclusions not supported by even its own analysis.

Local (read the entire post)...

Lobby rejects anti-spam laws

, posted: 15-Jun-2004 23:29

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has come out against anti-spam legislation. DMA head Keith Norris says it is not needed and it may have "potentially sinister side-effects" for direct marketing and telemarketing.

"I'm concerned (read the entire post)...

Telecom 'subsidy' hits rivals

, posted: 8-Jun-2004 23:26

Hopes for rural broadband competition have been dealt another blow with Telecom revealing it is using its Project Probe funding from the Government to slash the price of its wireless broadband services.

The result is, in effect, a subsidy. (read the entire post)...

Net voice calls a threat to telcos

, posted: 4-Jun-2004 23:21

For all the ballyhoo about fast internet access, bog-standard telephone calls are still the bread-and-butter
business of Telecom and competing telcos. However, internet voice calls are threatening this cosy revenue stream. Forget about call spe (read the entire post)...

Paying the price of peer pressure

, posted: 1-Jun-2004 23:18

How would you like an internet where your neighbour can watch webcasts of the latest Peter Jackson film premiere in Wellington, but you can't?

Let's imagine that you come up with a Kiwi version of online auction site Ebay. It is a (read the entire post)...


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