Cook Islands cash deal backfires for Telecom New Zealand

, posted: 4-Apr-2006 10:34

TVNZ reports that Telecom New Zealand offered the Cook Islands government NZ$4 million in cash in return for keeping its telecommunications monopoly on the island.

According to the TVNZ report, Telecom's 60 per cent owned subsidiary Te (read the entire post)...

Telecom's $19 broadband deal (no, it's not April 1 anymore)

, posted: 3-Apr-2006 07:49

Amazing what a bit of competition can do. Across the ditch, Telecom in AAPT drag is selling business broadband plans starting at A$19 a month for 500MB data, or A$29 for unlimited traffic.

It's not exactly exciting broadband, at 256/64 (read the entire post)...

Alcatel assimilates Lucent

, posted: 3-Apr-2006 07:17

The mega-merger between telco suppliers Alcatel and Lucent has come true, and a company with US$25.5 billion/NZ$45.5 billion annual sales stands to be created. Alcatel will own sixty per cent of the shares of the merged company, which will be based i (read the entire post)...

Google gets into the dating game

, posted: 2-Apr-2006 10:19

Screen shot:

Google is taking over even more. Now they're assimilating Intarweb dating too.

How long before we get Google Corner Stores as well?

Update: didn't last long :)

U (read the entire post)...

Another Sendmail security hole

, posted: 1-Apr-2006 12:55

Yesterday, a security announcement from OpenBSD appeared in my inbox:

A race condition exists in sendmail's handling of asynchronous signals.
A remote attacker may be able to execute arbitrary source code with the
priv (read the entire post)...

Wired Country on the blink a lot lately

, posted: 1-Apr-2006 11:27

When I first got the 3.5GHz Wired Country service, I was amazed. It is wireless after all, so I didn't expect it to perform as well as it did. The nominal linkspeed of 2M up and down translated into an actual IP performance of around 1.7M down, 1 (read the entire post)...

Ditch the TSO and bring back Homeline Economy!

, posted: 30-Mar-2006 11:44

One of the worst aspects of the poor telecommunications regulatory regime in New Zealand is the so-called Kiwi Share which has now been transmogrified into the Telecommunications Service Obligation or TSO.

Thanks to that, we pay $42.20 a m (read the entire post)...

End of roaming rip-off in Europe nigh

, posted: 29-Mar-2006 10:19

Second post today, but this European Union press release struck a raw nerve. As we all know, using your mobile phone overseas is convenient, but also an extreme financial hazard.

Last time I was in the US, I left my 027 phone in the hotel (read the entire post)...

Is Telecom NZ a good corporate citizen?

, posted: 29-Mar-2006 09:44

The Australian's IT section talks about Telstra being quizzed by a parliamentary committe on if it's a good corporate citizen, which is intriguing. Over there, Telstra hasn't got anywhere near the dominant position that Telecom enjoys in (read the entire post)...

TelstraClear increases data caps and lowers usage charges on its cable network

, posted: 28-Mar-2006 09:53

I see that TelstraClear has bumped up data caps and lowered excess usage charges on its cable service in Wellington and Christchurch.

Here are the new plans:

HighSpeed 1G 2 Mb/s 2 Mb/s 1G * $2.95 per 250MB
(read the entire post)...


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