Intel Developer Forum, Taipei

, posted: 11-Apr-2006 14:05

In Taipei at the moment, jetlagged like hell but still trying to take in all the new stuff at Intel's regular IDF geek-fest. Will post some more soon, but in brief, Intel's completed its architectural turnaround and is now finally out of the (read the entire post)...

How to break the law automatically through the Internet

, posted: 8-Apr-2006 14:00

This Friday, I wrote in the weekly FryUp email newsletter for Computerworld about a slip-up that the Commerce Commission made when it sent out a media release.

The release seemed pretty straightforward at first. It was about wood preservat (read the entire post)...

Woosh modem upgrade required.

, posted: 8-Apr-2006 13:50

From the TDD UMTS department:

As it seems some Woosh customers haven't been told that they must upgrade their modem firmware by the 13th of this month, or face degraded network and service performance, I thought a small blog entry woul (read the entire post)...

Telstra in Australia feels VoIP competition heat

, posted: 8-Apr-2006 08:28

Voice over IP (or Internet calls as the easier term is) are taking big chunks out of Australian incumbent Telstra's calling revenues, the Sydney Morning Herald says.

Telstra must be looking with envy at its trans-Tasman equivalent, Te (read the entire post)...

Whither WiMAX, WiBRO and 802.20?

, posted: 7-Apr-2006 12:17

In New Zealand, the battle for competition on the fixed local loop has been won by the incumbent; that is, LLU hasn't happened here, unlike in the rest of the OECD, and even if does, it's meaningless now. See TechRemarks article here and Comp (read the entire post)...

TelstraClear releases 3.5Mbps business DSL plans

, posted: 4-Apr-2006 20:23

HSI - Access Plan MB allowance2 Speed Downstream Speed Upstream Plan cost
per month* Excess MB
charges per MB Notes 10GB HSI 3.5 10 GB (read the entire post)...

Updates for the Sanyo 9000 review

, posted: 4-Apr-2006 15:55

I've had some more information and clarifications from both Groove Mobile and Telecom New Zealand on the Sanyo 9000 review I wrote recently.

Starting with the encoding type for the music files, it is AAC+ and you can read about it in t (read the entire post)...

Cook Islands cash deal backfires for Telecom New Zealand

, posted: 4-Apr-2006 10:34

TVNZ reports that Telecom New Zealand offered the Cook Islands government NZ$4 million in cash in return for keeping its telecommunications monopoly on the island.

According to the TVNZ report, Telecom's 60 per cent owned subsidiary Te (read the entire post)...

Telecom's $19 broadband deal (no, it's not April 1 anymore)

, posted: 3-Apr-2006 07:49

Amazing what a bit of competition can do. Across the ditch, Telecom in AAPT drag is selling business broadband plans starting at A$19 a month for 500MB data, or A$29 for unlimited traffic.

It's not exactly exciting broadband, at 256/64 (read the entire post)...

Alcatel assimilates Lucent

, posted: 3-Apr-2006 07:17

The mega-merger between telco suppliers Alcatel and Lucent has come true, and a company with US$25.5 billion/NZ$45.5 billion annual sales stands to be created. Alcatel will own sixty per cent of the shares of the merged company, which will be based i (read the entire post)...


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