BBC 2.0 going down the YouTubes

, posted: 26-Apr-2006 10:17

I guess it was inevitable given the enormous success "community content" has had lately, but it still seems wrong for Auntie Beeb to head in that direction as well. Wrong in the sense that the tax-payer funded broadcaster does "traditional" stuff pro (read the entire post)...

NVIDIA's Nzone says no need to buy new hardware

, posted: 25-Apr-2006 15:44

A press release arrived from Nvidia earlier, about a new feature on their Nzone "stealth sales portal". Quiet day, and I haven't checked out Nvidia's stuff for ages, so thought I'd write a few lines about the Husdawg-supplied System Requi (read the entire post)...

UK broadband: miles ahead

, posted: 23-Apr-2006 16:41

As I wrote in this blog entry, Telecom New Zealand is trying to soften up public opinion so that people will think everyone's getting 24Mbit/s broadband this year (they're not) and the heat will come off the government to introduce further re (read the entire post)...

Telecom softening up public opinion in preparation for no-regulation deal

, posted: 23-Apr-2006 14:37

Auckland's Sunday Star Times has a story entitled "Telecom's man - broadly speaking, we're good" running this weekend. It's a totally uncritical interview with Telecom New Zealand's manager of government and industry relations, Br (read the entire post)...

Windows apps natively on Mac OS X next, says Cringely

, posted: 22-Apr-2006 11:17

Robert X Cringely's Pulpit column on Apple going the whole hog with Windows is too good not to link to.

That the Mach micro-kernel will be replaced with a larger but faster monolithic one in OS X 10.5 seems likely but for Apple to beco (read the entire post)...

Vodafone and Nokia HSDPA haul in EV-DO lead

, posted: 21-Apr-2006 10:32

Phil Patel showing off the beautiful Blackberry 8700

Mauricio and I saw Vodafone's new High Speed Downlink Packet Access or HSDPA technology in action yesterday in Auckland. Here's Mauricio's report on it.

Although V (read the entire post)...

Why I would dump Windows for Mac OS X

, posted: 20-Apr-2006 20:18

Some people accuse Paul Thurrot of being a Windows groupie, but they and Microsoft will choke on his story about the shortcomings of Windows Vista.

You couldn't voice disappointment with Microsoft any better or louder than that. A scle (read the entire post)...

Vodafone to demonstrate HSDPA

, posted: 19-Apr-2006 12:27

Vodafone will show High Speed Downlink Packet Access - HSDPA - to media here tomorrow. My slot with Phil Patel, Vodafone's director of business markets, is tomorrow afternoon, and it'll be interesting to get a hands-on demonstration of the ne (read the entire post)...

A Telmex lesson

, posted: 18-Apr-2006 17:06

Greg Adams who used to edit the Telecommunications Users' Association of New Zealand (TUANZ) publication Topics has written a very good story about Mexico's incumbent telephone monopoly, Telefonos des Mexico or Telmex.

It's a l (read the entire post)...

Singtel to buy Telecom New Zealand?

, posted: 17-Apr-2006 15:41

Despite having cocked a snook at both government regulation and ran rings round the competition, the share price of Telecom New Zealand is moving in the wrong direction - down.

Bloombergs report that not only have Telecom New Zealand share (read the entire post)...


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