New computer... and I hate it

, posted: 17-May-2006 20:53

I finally got around to assembling various bits and pieces into a new computer system as I thought it was high time to move away from old tech like DDR memory and AGP video cards.

Not that there was much wrong with the old box (read the entire post)...

A Cork radio station was running a competition...

, posted: 15-May-2006 15:14

Thanks Leanne. (read the entire post)...

Commissioner Webb loses PM's support; to resign soon?

, posted: 15-May-2006 08:19

Tim Hunter at the Auckland Sunday Star Times has looked into Telecommunications Commissioner Douglas Webb's role in the regulation debacle. While not quite getting his marching orders by Prime Minister Clark, it's clear that Webb's report (read the entire post)...

Rod Deane to go as Telecom New Zealand chairman

, posted: 13-May-2006 11:31

InternetNZ's Colin Jackson says in his blog today that the print edition of the Dominion Post reports that Telecom chairman Rod Deane is stepping down and will "disengage from all his commercial governance activites".

The story is a re (read the entire post)...

Teflon Theresa stays, Telecom New Zealand promises to behave

, posted: 13-May-2006 10:13

Although some observers expected Telecom to stand its ground and fight the proposed tough new regulation that the government has put on the table, I couldn't see how that would pay off for the embattled telco.

If Telecom was to resist (read the entire post)...

Broadband statistics be damned

, posted: 11-May-2006 13:50

Numbers and statistics are wheeled out to support both sides of the telecommunications regulation argument in New Zealand at the moment. Are they actually helpful to either side though, or for that matter, do they clarify the argument? I'm (read the entire post)...

Telecom's investment figures left in original Beehive document

, posted: 8-May-2006 15:36

There are indeed differences between the document published earlier on the Beehive's webserver, and the one that's presently downloadable. The eagle-eyed Matt Brown drew my attention to a footnote on page 17, which has been masked out in part (read the entire post)...

Curious thing about the leaked cabinet documents

, posted: 7-May-2006 16:32

Last week, I noticed that the URL for the document with Cunliffe's telecommunications regulatory blueprint was:

" of Cabinet Paper and Minute.pdf"

(The %20 encoding of spaces re (read the entire post)...

Telecom spins out of control over cabinet document leak

, posted: 6-May-2006 12:13

It's fascinating to read statements by Telecom spokesmen John Goulter and Bruce Parkes over the leak of the confidential cabinet documents outlining Communication Minister Cunliffe's regulation package. Goulter is Telecom's general manage (read the entire post)...

Cabinet document leak to Telecom 'economic and political sabotage': opposition

, posted: 5-May-2006 08:09

The leak of cabinet documents on the new telecommunications regulation is turning into a major scandal. Wellington daily The Dominion Posts quotes the National Party's Bill English as saying "Telecom will have a lot of explaining to do now, both (read the entire post)...


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