Irish search engine challenges Google

, posted: 7-Jun-2006 19:08

Ah, Doogle is a beauty to behold. Only twelve pages indexed, but they are some great twelve pages indeed.

So how does Doogle get away with it then? Google doesn't think its trademark and variations thereon are laughing matt (read the entire post)...

Pirate Bay support spills over into bot-army DDoS attacks

, posted: 4-Jun-2006 12:16

The police raid on torrent tracker site The Pirate Bay has taken an unexpected turn as angry peer-to-peer users are reportedly launching distributed denial of service attacks on Swedish government and police web sites.

Swedish media (read the entire post)...

The Pirate Bay's legal adviser blogs about the police raid

, posted: 3-Jun-2006 21:11

Mikael Viborg has put up a blog about the police raid on The Pirate Bay, the popular torrent tracker.

If Viborg is to be believed, the Swedish police was incredibly heavy-handed in what should've been a civil matter. Vibor (read the entire post)...

Nazanin's death sentence stayed; faces retrial

, posted: 3-Jun-2006 15:13

Maybe the Iranian authorities took note of the Save Nazanin campaign, maybe not, but amazingly enough sanity has prevailed: Nazanin's death sentence has been stayed by Ayatollah Shahroudi, Iran's Head of Judiciary.

Nazanin has not (read the entire post)...

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 too paranoid for Live Mail

, posted: 3-Jun-2006 11:20

The key feature of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 browser, currently in its second public beta, is security. Do not trust automatically, warn users, double-check things - that's all good stuff actually, because today's web is (read the entire post)...

$30 million for lawyers in Google click-fraud settlement proposal

, posted: 2-Jun-2006 20:57

The class action against Google for failing to prevent click-fraud is churning on with a settlement being proposed for anyone who has bought advertising from the search engine giant between January 1 2002 and the present.

In wh (read the entire post)...

YouTube ... not hacked?

, posted: 2-Jun-2006 18:27

We'll be back soon... -->
UPDATE: No, we haven't been hacked. Get a sense of humor.

UPDATE 2: Apparently we can't spel.

UPDATE 3: Please stop calling the (read the entire post)...

The real reason DSL costs so much?

, posted: 31-May-2006 08:04

Michael Sainsbury writes in The Australian's IT section that telecommunications technology giant Alcatel overcharged Telstra for supplying DSL equipment, by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Although it's amusing to see Alcatel CEO (read the entire post)...

Massive loss for Vodafone keeps investors happy

, posted: 31-May-2006 06:17

Mobile telephony giant Vodafone says it made a vast loss for the year to March: after slashing the value of assets by '23.5 billion, the company lost '21.9 billion. In NZ dollars, that's over $64 billion, or close to half of the count (read the entire post)...

Donate Xtra goodwill credit to Indonesian quake efforts

, posted: 30-May-2006 14:57

The Indonesian earthquake toll is huge according to news reports, with the number of dead now at some 5,500 and 130,000 people homeless. People need aid desperately, but donations from New Zealand are slow to build up, due to "compassion fatigue" say (read the entire post)...


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