Bureaucrats approve of Telecom's talkfest plans but ISPs remain suspicious

, posted: 17-Jun-2006 15:33

On Friday, Telecom CEO Theresa Gattung sent out a letter to the incumbent's wholesale customers in which she proposes to set up two industry working parties that would hammer out technical details and an implementation schedule for services about (read the entire post)...

Brave new blog look!

, posted: 16-Jun-2006 17:28

Things have changed as you can see here at the Techsploder: the blog sports a new look, created by Su Yin Khoo and courtesy of indefatigable coder and Geekzone Master Mauricio Freitas who made the necessary changes to allow custom CSS.

I&# (read the entire post)...

Ready for Big Patch Tuesday?

, posted: 13-Jun-2006 13:18

Well, it's actually Big Patch Wednesday for us antipodeans, living in the future as we do.

Tomorrow will bring more patches than usual, twelve security related if I count them right, plus a new version of the Windows Malicious Software Re (read the entire post)...

Power outage? Reboot!

, posted: 13-Jun-2006 07:40

Amazing the things rebooting solve. From today's NZ Herald:

TELEPHONE, INTERNET Some internet and broadband customers had problems as the power went off, sparking a flood of calls to call centres. ihug reported its call centre h (read the entire post)...

Get Windows Vista via Bittorrent

, posted: 12-Jun-2006 16:20

Chris Pirillo and Jake Ludington have created a torrent for Beta 2 of Windows Vista over at Vistatorrent.com.

Here's what they say:

The only official tracker for this torrent is found here at VistaTorrent.com. We' (read the entire post)...

An Auckland kind of day

, posted: 12-Jun-2006 12:37

Auckland in the rain and gale, near K Road/Pitt Street somewhere. No power, traffic lights out, banked up traffic for miles with drivers doing u-turns in dangerous places and going on the wrong side of the road, phones not working, intern (read the entire post)...

Splendid Speights Spoof

, posted: 12-Jun-2006 10:28

Turkstarr's Brokeback Speights

Found at Spareroom (read the entire post)...

Fire up the generators, Auckland is without power again

, posted: 12-Jun-2006 09:24

It's deja vu all over again for Aucklanders this morning, as the CBD is without power. The Otahuhu power station is out of action for the time being, as an earth wire snapped and fell across a 110kV feeder line there. Power line company Vector doesn' (read the entire post)...

Test driving Internet Explorer 7's phishing filter

, posted: 10-Jun-2006 11:39

A phish for Kiwibank arrived in my Windows Live Mail inbox, so I thought it would be a useful "guinea pig" to see how IE7's phishing filter handles these things. With the phishing filter set to automatically check sites, I click on the link in th (read the entire post)...

Tax broadband instead of raiding P2P users

, posted: 8-Jun-2006 19:23

Following the police raid on Swedish torrent tracker The Pirate Bay that was criticised for being heavy-handed and orchestrated by the US government, voices are now calling for a truce in the "Filesharing Wars".

Putting people in prison fo (read the entire post)...


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