Zidane? Try North Korean women footballers instead...

Women's Asian Cup, China 1 - North Korea 0 in Adelaide last Thursday:

* Goalie Hye Yong Han red-carded and kicked the ref in the back;

* Players Kyong Sun Sonu and Jong Sun Song banned suspended one game for throwing bottles (read the entire post)...

Microsoft Foneplus prototype debuts

, posted: 28-Jul-2006 19:05

C|Net has a report on Craig Mundie demonstrating Microsoft's cell-phone PC prototype, named "FonePlus" in typical, unimaginative Redmond fashion.

Despite the drab name, it's actually one of the more interesting concepts to come out (read the entire post)...

Time for some hardcore anti-Microsoft propaganda!

, posted: 27-Jul-2006 13:11

Don't hold back!

(Both clips are long; the first one has the funniest stuff.)

"Microsoft History 2005"

"Microsoft History 2006"
(read the entire post)...

Cracked software remains in Windows

, posted: 27-Jul-2006 11:09

Geoff Palmer has interesting blog entry over at PC World. He's picked up on some old German stories in PC Welt and tecchannel (links go in German language pages) which state that cracked software was used to generate the audio files for the "Welc (read the entire post)...

Cringely slips up on his pulpit

, posted: 26-Jul-2006 12:16

Robert X. Cringely is an excellent read most of the time. He doesn't shy away from controversy, and often picks up on stuff other geek commentators miss. His last column, They Wrap Fish, Don't They? in which he rants against news on the Inter (read the entire post)...

WiMAX or bust tomorrow afternoon for Woosh? Or are they buying an ISP?

, posted: 23-Jul-2006 11:20

What's Woosh going to announce tomorrow afternoon - Monday 1.45pm New Zealand time?

The "media alert", which Woosh's PR bods sent to all and sundry, including people who no longer work at the publications in question, only says:
read the entire post)...

Telecom Mobile fined for 025 to 027 marketing campaign

, posted: 21-Jul-2006 15:34

The Commerce Commerce said today, Friday July 21, that Telecom Mobile has copped a $45,000 fine with $3,000 costs ordered against it in the Wellington District Court.

Telecom Mobile was fined for breaching the Fair Trading Act sections 11 (read the entire post)...

Bans and fines for Zidane and Materazzi

Zinedine Zidane: banned three games, fined 7,500 Swiss Francs (US$6,000).
Marco Materazzi: banned two games, fined 5,500 Swiss Francs (US$4,000).

That's FIFA's verdict on the 2006 World Cup final headbutting incident.
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Jack Black stars as Computerman - video

, posted: 20-Jul-2006 10:47

Was this Dan Harmon short film done early in Black's career perhaps? Warning: the sense of humour is... rather American.

Harmon's also the man who brought us the remarkable "Laser Fart"

(read the entire post)...

George Bush gropes Angela Merkel - video

, posted: 19-Jul-2006 14:49

From John C Dvorak's excellent blog Dvorak Uncensored:

Andrea Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany - she is clearly not amused...

Update Clearer video here, courtesy of Spareroom.
(read the entire post)...


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