Ultimate Taser Ball - sport of the future.

, posted: 8-Feb-2012 11:53

This will be big. Via LNLPaintballNZ (read the entire post)...

Google Docs a phishing site

, posted: 7-Feb-2012 21:29

Oh the irony; Chrome warns that Google Docs has been reported as a phishing site.. (read the entire post)...

Megaupload and the US grand jury

, posted: 31-Jan-2012 14:29

Megaupload again: according to the US Justice Dept, Dotcom, Batato, Bencko, Echternach, Ortmann, Nomm and van der Kolk were indicted by a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia on January 5 this year. Megaupload and Vestor Ltd were also inclu (read the entire post)...

Is this really the Teapot Tape recording?

, posted: 26-Jan-2012 13:54

As posted on SoundCloud: 2Johns2Cups by goldenturkey This is what police raided NZ media over? Even RadioNZ, which never had the recording but only reported on the issue? :::FACEPALM::: (read the entire post)...

Filesonic disables file sharing; due to MegaUpload?

, posted: 23-Jan-2012 14:33

While Kim Dotcom and the Megupload people wait to see if they'll be granted bail, it looks like FBI-NZ Police raid on the file storage site may be scaring competitors into ending filesharing. Filesonic has disabled "all sharing functionality" for ins (read the entire post)...

Reasons to be cheerful in Warkworth

, posted: 22-Jan-2012 18:15

What PR people really think of journalists

, posted: 16-Jan-2012 21:04

David Strom's December story at RWW about the "Ten Biggest PR Blunders of 2011" mentions things that happen every year for as long as I've been in this game. The story isn't so much about blunders as pressure to please the client being passed onto jo (read the entire post)...

An industry plundered by pirates

, posted: 14-Jan-2012 14:50

I read this story in the Herald about Sione's Wedding 2 earlier today and wondered about the figures quoted in it. Leaving aside the obvious mistake in the first para about the original Sione's Wedding losing $70 million through piracy - that's the e (read the entire post)...

Sign up now for NZNOG 12 in Christchurch

, posted: 11-Jan-2012 13:32

I am told that there are still spaces available for NZNOG 12, so register now. If you do anything Internet related in NZ (and overseas for that matter), the NZNOG 12 conference will be worth attending. Furthermore, I understand beer plays an importan (read the entire post)...

This is how ridiculous the whole Intellectual Property Rights situation is

, posted: 10-Jan-2012 16:29

Watching the Microsoft Consumer Electronics Show 2012 presentation. Well, I'm trying to at least, because.. I'm sorry, but that's just stupid. (read the entire post)...


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