Feedback from Vodafone or not really

, posted: 4-Sep-2006 15:05

As seen on Geekzone, Vodafone is launching HSDPA in New Zealand as well soon, after its UK and Australian operations which seem to have started supplying the faster UMTS in July already.

I wrote a quick story for Computerworld about it in (read the entire post)...

WLUG holding Software Freedom Day meet on 16th of Sept

, posted: 4-Sep-2006 13:29

The Waikato Linux Users Group (WLUG), an incorporated society
supporting GNU/Linux and Open Source Software in the Waikato region,
is celebrating the international Software Freedom Day with a public
demonstration of open sour (read the entire post)...

Technorati ranking randomness

, posted: 2-Sep-2006 16:30

If you blog, you'll soon come across Technorati, the "recognised authority on what's going on in the world of weblogs." It's a handy site, in many ways, where you can see how popular (or ignored) your blog is. Yes, we're talking about (read the entire post)...

Why you shouldn't blog on Windows Live Spaces

, posted: 2-Sep-2006 11:31

Number one reason: Microsoft's cack-handed censorship of your thoughts. So I can't use the word "porn" on what is allegedly the world's biggest blogging service? Or is it perhaps "feminist" that Windows Live Spaces thinks is "prohibited l (read the entire post)...

Feminist sympathisers redirect porn director's site?

, posted: 2-Sep-2006 09:32

Websurfers wanting to ogle Norwegian pornographer Thomas "Rocco" Hansen's site are currently being redirected to the site of feminist organisation Ottar, also in Norway, reports in Propaganda and Computerworld say (both pages in Norwe (read the entire post)...

Jericho/Smartmailpro responds

, posted: 1-Sep-2006 11:08

Following my post about being spammed by Mercury Subs and Smartmailpro, despite an earlier complaint that elicited no response, Jeff Mann, the MD of Jericho Ltd replied.

Unfortunately, Jeff sent out an email to various parties stating tha (read the entire post)...

Taser teaser with numb chucks

, posted: 1-Sep-2006 10:28

Cracker, or Damian Christie which is, I believe, his non-honkified real name, has posted a hilarious recording of a person posing as him, making a phone enquiry about buying tasers.

Tasers are all the rage at the moment in New Zealand and (read the entire post)...

Moronic mailing list spammer of the week

, posted: 31-Aug-2006 20:59

Elizabeth Sherry

My name is Liz and I am an Internet Advertising Coordinator for a marketing company located in California.

We are engaged in an advertising campaign for our clients, and found your site, ht (read the entire post)...

Telstra buys Chinese SouFun real estate website for A$342 million

, posted: 31-Aug-2006 17:12

Australia's telco incumbent today called an urgent media conference to announce that it has purchased 51 per cent of the Chinese property website SouFun for A$342 million. It is also at the same time selling Australian Administration Services (AA (read the entire post)...

Amazon puts up Windows Vista pre-order pricing

, posted: 31-Aug-2006 15:01

Windows Vista, which Microsoft has been straining to release for so many years now, but which appeared to be stuck sideways, really does seem to be coming out soon. The first Release Candidate, out soon, may be the only one in fact.

I noti (read the entire post)...


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