Beavis headline of the week

, posted: 17-Sep-2006 14:25

ABC news:

Bush and Congress Butt Heads

The story is about "terrorism policy", which sounds nasty.

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Geekzone06 over - excellent event overall

, posted: 16-Sep-2006 21:57

Sitting here in the hotel with T3G at -57dBm and laptop battery at 13% and no recharger (knew there was something I forgot this morning), I can conclude that Geekzone06 was a great event. Very good speakers, including Rod Drury, Jay Templeton, Jethro (read the entire post)...

Segway recall - excellent! Just walk instead.

, posted: 15-Sep-2006 20:33

You may have noticed that I can't stand Segways. Sure, it's clever technology, and the marketing is slick but could someone explain to me why exactly the world needs yet another obesity-generating device? Not only that, but a device that requires not (read the entire post)...

iTunes 7 bugs: doesn't Apple test software before releasing it?

, posted: 14-Sep-2006 13:34

If you haven't upgraded to iTunes 7, hold off doing so: the version available currently is buggy and broken.

I downloaded it yesterday and checked out the iMovies section, but not the music player. Today, when I played some music that sou (read the entire post)...

Unfortunate website name of the week II

, posted: 14-Sep-2006 12:38

It's great to see an online bookshop in New Zealand but...

I can't help thinking the name doesn't quite say what the site is about. (read the entire post)...

EU Windows Vista to include Adobe Reader but no antivirus

, posted: 12-Sep-2006 10:56

Bruno Segers, the former general manager of Microsoft Belgium has written an open letter to European Union Commissioner for Competition Neelie Kroes, published on his blog.

In the letter, written in Dutch, Segers expresses concern that the (read the entire post)...

A decade ago things were different - or were they?

, posted: 11-Sep-2006 20:10

My good friend David Slack posted a very interesting link to a Wired story from 1995 written by Bob Johnstone, in the blog entry about Shinzo Abe.

It spans seven pages, but there's some real gold in the story, so it's worth reading (read the entire post)...

Vodafone is emo...

, posted: 11-Sep-2006 16:42

This is

Vodafone's marketroids don't know what emo is.

That makes me emo.

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Ferrit says sorry, got the humour wrong...

, posted: 11-Sep-2006 08:49

It may have started off as a bit of fun, but the bogus consumer reviews turned into a major embarassment for Ferrit. Peter Wogan is apologising for the jape which surely should never have happened in the first place. I had an earlier story about Ferr (read the entire post)...

Windows Live Mail Desktop - what's the point?

, posted: 10-Sep-2006 16:51

A further addition to Microsoft's Windows Live range of products is the awkwardly-named Windows Live Mail Desktop client, now in public beta. It is as the name implies a desktop client with which you can access Internet email from a variety of se (read the entire post)...


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