Huge Google Maps bug threatens Germany

, posted: 30-Sep-2006 05:22

Villagers in Hülen, Germany, are reported to be in panic over a massive, 150 foot (50 metres approx) bug, discovered on Google Maps:

(Click on image for larger picture on Google Maps)

"This is just like one of those J (read the entire post)...

No full Mac OS X support for Robson NAND accelerators?

, posted: 28-Sep-2006 07:07

Hard drives will soon have non-volatile Flash memory on them, which will act as a disk cache to further improve performance. The reason for this is that while processor performance has increased some thirty times over the past few years, disk perform (read the entire post)...

Decent Intarweb speeds in San Francisco as long as you don't go to New Zealand

, posted: 27-Sep-2006 05:51

Despite a bunch of conference visitors hammering the Internet connection at the San Francisco IDF, it's holding up pretty well:

Ah yes... don't see those sorts of figures too often down in the antipodes. This is what it (read the entire post)...

Air New Zealand Pacific Premier Economy

, posted: 25-Sep-2006 14:18

Air New Zealand has been on the "avoid" list for me for a while now, after a business class trip to Asia featuring a broken seat and generally poor service about two years ago. The decision to not go Air NZ if possible was compounded by their custome (read the entire post)...

Half an hour of pwnage

, posted: 22-Sep-2006 14:53

Courtesy of iAMkingofZelda:

(read the entire post)...

Windows Media Player 11 considered harmful?

, posted: 22-Sep-2006 10:36

I was reading the always excellent Charlie Demerjian's piece in The INQ on Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11 henceforth), thinking "surely not... Microsoft wouldn't be as stupid as to risk such a PR disaster."

Charlie bases his commen (read the entire post)...

Internet Explorer VML Zero-Day exploit protective measures summary

, posted: 21-Sep-2006 16:56

Here's a brief summary of what you can do to protect your Windows installation from being compromised by the Vector Markup Language (VML) zero-day vulnerability that is currently circulating on the Web.

Swap operating systems
Th (read the entire post)...

Broadband not crucial to economic growth, says Telecom funded academic

, posted: 20-Sep-2006 09:25

The Herald has an interesting story today about an academic submitting to the Parliament Finance and Expenditure Select Committee that faster broadband that is taken up by more people will not deliver economic growth.

In the Herald story, (read the entire post)...

Legal action taken against NZ blogger for writing about dubious product claims

, posted: 17-Sep-2006 19:30

Stephen Judd of has been served papers threatening unspecified legal action unless he removes these statements within 21 days.

The organisation behind the legal threats is Andron Technology. Have a look at their product Shield (read the entire post)...

Spamhaus' Steve Linford joe-jobbed with bogus court order spam

, posted: 17-Sep-2006 16:18

Coming back from Geekzone 06 and checking my emails, I noticed one with this subject:

Judge orders To Pay $11.7 Million In Damage [sic]

It was sent to the abuse role account for my personal domain, an (read the entire post)...


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