TV stations forced to pay GST owed by National

, posted: 23-Oct-2006 14:59

The election spending row in New Zealand is taking an absurd turn, with The Press reporting that broadcasters have to pay the Goods and Services Tax (GST) that's owed by the National Party.

National owes $112,000 in unpaid GST, and sa (read the entire post)...

Breaking: Google to buy New Zealand

, posted: 21-Oct-2006 17:35

Amid Google's grandiose plots to further its ultimate plan of world domination, such as orbital mind control, low flying aircraft and WiMAX as seen on its whiteboard:

there is the below rather disturbing item:

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The coolest mod ever - the RapTop

, posted: 21-Oct-2006 16:57

Reminiscent of the typewriter computers in Brazil, this Japanese laptop mod looks great, doesn't it:

And the text accompanying it is pure poetry:

Because we want, it made.
We would like to (read the entire post)...

Halo film loses studios financing

, posted: 21-Oct-2006 10:22

Will Halo make it to the screen, now that Universal Studios and Fox have pulled out of financing the film, produced by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh? That depends on if Microsoft can find some more backers for the US$145 million film.

Well (read the entire post)...

Chortling blogger admits Exclusive Brethren MySpace is a hoax

, posted: 18-Oct-2006 13:10

Whodathunkit? The Exclusive Brethren don't have a MySpace:

Anyway, I've marnused myself. Once I'd got over chortling at certain uber-geeks not being able pick up the Exclusive Brethren MySpace page as satire, I wrote a L (read the entire post)...

No funding for Econet and Telecom to lay off 700

, posted: 18-Oct-2006 10:08

Jenny Keown at the Herald has looked into Econet and its Memorandum of Understanding for funding that was announced by the company last month. GEMS in HK and Communications Venture Partners in the UK were to pump in hundreds of millions into Econet, (read the entire post)...

Everybody loves Eric Raymond

, posted: 17-Oct-2006 17:05

The new favourite webcomic is... ELER!

Check it out at (thanks Barf!).

ELER's tasteless but funny take on the Reiser murder:

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Corrupting blogging

, posted: 15-Oct-2006 09:59

I read Michael Arrington's comments on PayPerPost clones ReviewMe and CreamAid with interest - and at the same thinking that it had to happen sooner or later. In brief, the above sites bring together advertisers and vendors who offers bloggers mo (read the entire post)...

CBGB closing

, posted: 14-Oct-2006 19:38

The New York club where anybody that ever mattered played and quite a few who didn't did, CBGB, is closing. It's been going for exactly a third of a century, since 1973, but now it's time to die as the Bowery becomes gentrified beyond the tolerable.< (read the entire post)...

Are we highly taxed or not? OECD figures out

, posted: 13-Oct-2006 22:20

This table is from, but it's missing Australia for some reason.

Total tax take as a percentage of gross domestic product, according to the OECD. Includes personal and business taxes.

1. Sweden 51.1%
2. De (read the entire post)...


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