An ironic post for all the hipsters out there

, posted: 3-May-2012 19:52

You people think single-speeders is where it's at, but Vietnam has a few things to teach you about two-wheeled coolness. Oh yeah.

Picture taken in Hoi An, using a Samsung NX11 with the 18-55mm kit zoom. I'm quite pleased with t (read the entire post)...

Nokia upgrades: Symbian Belle for the N8 and MeeGo PR1.2 Harmattan for N9

, posted: 16-Apr-2012 14:51

I still use the Nokia N8, even though it really didn't bowl me over with the original version of Symbian ^3 installed. Flashing the phone with Symbian Anna made it much more usable, and a while ago, I spotted Symbian Belle and upgraded the N8. Belle (read the entire post)...

Huawei Massage

, posted: 28-Mar-2012 19:46

Chinese telco supplier Huawei has been in the news a great deal lately, having had some problems getting the message across that it's not affiliated with China's People's Liberation Army or PLA. In Westfield Pakuranga, East Auckland however, Huawei M (read the entire post)...

Getting some traffic from the Department of Homeland Security

, posted: 19-Mar-2012 21:43

Well, I don't know if this blog will be visited by US government spiders, but according to Animal New York, the below search terms are used by the DHS to monitor "social media". Ho-humm. Let's see what happens. DHS Media Monitoring Terms 2.13 Key (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline: Draft CloudCode released, iPads, the Bechdel Test and ICANN vs NTIA

, posted: 19-Mar-2012 16:13

Subscribe to Newsline | NZCS Website This Week at NZCS Draft Cloud Computing Code of Practice releasedJoy Cottle, CloudCode Facilitator Six months ago the process kicked off to Develop a Code of Practice for Cloud Computing in NZ. NZCS was asked to (read the entire post)...

The Windows Phone 7.5 bouncing tiles bug

, posted: 18-Mar-2012 15:53

(Ignore mumbly audio that the other phone didn't record properly.) Goes away after a reboot, and I can't replicate it. The bug shows up every now and then on the HTC Trophy 7 and makes the phone unusable until you restart it. Oh, and happy birthday, (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline: NoSKA, TPP, Inbox War, Sabu, ICANN, Privacy breach and chiropractor’s advice

, posted: 12-Mar-2012 17:20

Subscribe to Newsline | NZCS Website This Week at NZCS Bad news on the SKA plus #TPP updatePaul Matthews, NZCS CEO Those who follow such things will know that New Zealand and Australia have been working very hard on trying to host the next generatio (read the entire post)...

Blogged about data caps for TUANZ

, posted: 29-Feb-2012 14:43

I did indeed do that, so please have a read. (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline: Engagement in schools, smartphone horrors, games R18+ and IT law update

, posted: 20-Feb-2012 15:04

Subscribe to Newsline | NZCS Website This Week at NZCS Engaging tomorrow's IT Professionals in schoolsBen Smith, Projects and Engagement, NZCS As mentioned in last week's Newsline, 2012 is the year NZCS embarks on a number of new and strengthened in (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline: Making a difference this year, the app economy, who owns the Internet and NZ law kills torrenting but opens tunnels.

, posted: 13-Feb-2012 16:11

Subscribe to Newsline | NZCS Website This Week at NZCS NZCS: Making a real difference in 2012 Paul Matthews, NZCS CEO For our industry and sector, 2012 brings a major opportunity to make a significant difference to New Zealand. It's an exciti (read the entire post)...


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