Email servers strain under doubled spam load

, posted: 1-Nov-2006 15:30

If you have noticed a big increase in spam lately, you're not alone. My mail server is getting hammered by spammers, and half of Ihug's customers experienced a day-long delay in receiving email.

Much of the spam comes as images - t (read the entire post)...

Project management, illustrated with a tree and a swing

, posted: 28-Oct-2006 11:30

This is scarily accurate...

From EzzyEnough.
(read the entire post)...

No enforced registration of Chinese bloggers -yet

, posted: 26-Oct-2006 14:21

Reports that Chinese bloggers would be forced to register their names, email addresses, phone and identity card numbers with the Internet Society of China (ISoC) turned out to be a little premature, but only just.

The ISoC has submi (read the entire post)...

Bob Jones talks about Annette Presley on Radio Live

, posted: 25-Oct-2006 17:56

"Bob Jones talks to Graham Hill on Radio Live about the Sunday Star Times coverage of his cellphone disagreement with Annette Presley and Julie Christie". Courtesy of Tribesman35.

Thanks to David Slack for finding it... (read the entire post)...

He's purple!

, posted: 25-Oct-2006 13:50

If you dress up in a big, purple moobie costume, chances are you'll get molested. This guy found that out the hard way at the recent Armageddon exhibition in Auckland:

The purple dude, that is.

And what to make (read the entire post)...

Size of unlawful election spending in NZ $100 million

, posted: 25-Oct-2006 11:56

The Herald reports that the government has been advised that just about all election spending since 2000 has been unlawful. Why? Seems the Parliamentary Service made a "momentous blunder" and didn't get the Speaker of the Parliament's written (read the entire post)...

Firefox 2.0 out

, posted: 24-Oct-2006 15:17

Just in case you missed it, Firefox 2.0 is out and ready to roll. I think it's a worthwhile upgrade to 1.0.x and 1.5.x, but no doubt some of the IceBackporters will vehemently disagree with me and start up their flame throwers. Umm, tomorro (read the entire post)...

TV stations forced to pay GST owed by National

, posted: 23-Oct-2006 14:59

The election spending row in New Zealand is taking an absurd turn, with The Press reporting that broadcasters have to pay the Goods and Services Tax (GST) that's owed by the National Party.

National owes $112,000 in unpaid GST, and sa (read the entire post)...

Breaking: Google to buy New Zealand

, posted: 21-Oct-2006 17:35

Amid Google's grandiose plots to further its ultimate plan of world domination, such as orbital mind control, low flying aircraft and WiMAX as seen on its whiteboard:

there is the below rather disturbing item:

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The coolest mod ever - the RapTop

, posted: 21-Oct-2006 16:57

Reminiscent of the typewriter computers in Brazil, this Japanese laptop mod looks great, doesn't it:

And the text accompanying it is pure poetry:

Because we want, it made.
We would like to (read the entire post)...


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