The tech hole in the government's digital content strategy

, posted: 16-Nov-2006 13:42

I see from an official press release and also a post on Russell Brown's Hard News that the government's Digital Content Strategy discussion paper is out (link goes to 3.2MB PDF file and yes, wouldn't it be nice and more accessible if thos (read the entire post)...

Zune screenshots - including installation error pic

, posted: 15-Nov-2006 09:16

FLX has put up a bunch of screenshots from installing Zune, including the now-famous installation error message:

Check them out - the license agreement one is hilarious too... Microsoft's really straining to be hip here, but it&# (read the entire post)...

Sharp looks, good performance, but buggy... some Vista impressions

, posted: 14-Nov-2006 12:25

With Vista hitting manufacturing and Microsofties raving about how good Release Candidate 2 is - and I've seen some impressive demos to that effect from MS New Zealand - I thought it was time to give it a go.

I was hoping to put the RT (read the entire post)...

Another reason why your ihug emails may 'disappear'

, posted: 12-Nov-2006 11:53

Russell Brown has ihug email issues, some of which are no doubt caused by the huge increase in spam lately, but it occured to me that there's something else going on...

SORBS is still listing Ihug's mail servers as being in dynamic (read the entire post)...

TelstraClear PDQ Max review

, posted: 12-Nov-2006 08:44

Why review a broadband plan? And DSL too - aren't they all much the same? Not quite; this is New Zealand, where for political and competitive reasons, broadband has become an issue that is debated in Parliament. In short, we want it but there' (read the entire post)...

Maharey mauls English's English

, posted: 10-Nov-2006 10:22

Full marks or should I say, credits, to Labour's Steve Maharey for spiking indignant opposition education spokesman Bill English's guns after the National MP issued a scathing press release on the rather silly NZQA allowing SMS TXT abbreviati (read the entire post)...

PriceWaterhouseCoopers Hi-Tech Awards 2006

, posted: 7-Nov-2006 17:38

The PWC Hi-Tech Awards were on last weekend and being a finalist together with Keith Newman, Vikki Bland and Divina Paredes, who won the Journalist of the Year award (congrats!), I went along to the Sky City Convention Centre to check it out.
< (read the entire post)...

Huge energy deposits in southland leave politicians cold

, posted: 4-Nov-2006 14:13

The Southland Times has a story about huge lignite deposits in the Southland and Otago which apparently could keep New Zealand going for some 300 years.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development (MED), the report reckons this i (read the entire post)...

Bombshell: Microsoft and Novell to interop on... Linux?

, posted: 3-Nov-2006 13:47

The webcast announcement earlier in which CEOs Ballmer and Hovsepian said Novell and Microsoft are joining forces to support Linux is something of a shocker.
Microsoft, diametrically opposed to Open Source and Novell, which has sued Redmo (read the entire post)...

Virgin Mobile's Lobster DAB phone points to mobile content future

, posted: 2-Nov-2006 21:32

Mobile content is said to be king but so far, what I've seen has been not only too limited but way too expensive. Would you really plonk down a a couple of dollars or more just to watch a small-screen news summary lasting a minute or two? No? Did (read the entire post)...


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