Ian Wishart goes after Benson-Pope for "sexual torture sessions"

, posted: 23-Nov-2006 08:20

So, this was Ian Wishart's big scoop then:


Text Link Ads still hawks sponsored blog reviews

, posted: 22-Nov-2006 17:22

Early on when I started blogging, I tried out several different ad networks to see how they work. One such network was Text Link Ads (TLA), but I never used them - from memory it was because they require a server-side script to be installed, which is (read the entire post)...

Siemens corruption scandal: will it have any local repercussions?

, posted: 20-Nov-2006 08:41

Der Spiegel Online reports that five executives of German electronics and telecommunications equipment giant Siemens have been arrested for embezzlement and bribery in raids across the country last week.

What does a German corruption scand (read the entire post)...

Vista RTM: better but still buggy

, posted: 19-Nov-2006 11:31

Finally got Vista Release to Manufacturing or RTM downloaded - took a while because after initially hitting 400kbyte/s, the MSDN download servers got overwhelmed and the speed slowed down to about a tenth of that.

Upgrading from RC2 was d (read the entire post)...

Automated trackback spam

, posted: 19-Nov-2006 10:55

Some idiot spammer has found The Techsploder blog, and is sending large amounts of trackbacks from zombies all over the world. They won't ever show up but of course, I have to go through the moderation page and delete them. What a stupid waste of (read the entire post)...

Check your bloglebrity status at Kineda

, posted: 18-Nov-2006 12:56

Terry Ng at Kineda has put together a fun Technorati tool that'll tell you where you stand as a "bloglebrity". Are you an A, B, C or D-lister?

The Techsploder's not up there yet, with stars like Xiaxue, TechCrunch, Scobleizer and R (read the entire post)...

Poll: New TradeMe Kevo the Kangaroo logo

, posted: 17-Nov-2006 14:05

Here's the first sign of change at Trade Me, since the Australians - Fairfax - took over.

What do you think? It's quite appropriate, seeing that the Kiwi's about to become extinct.

Update David Slack suggests (read the entire post)...

The tech hole in the government's digital content strategy

, posted: 16-Nov-2006 13:42

I see from an official press release and also a post on Russell Brown's Hard News that the government's Digital Content Strategy discussion paper is out (link goes to 3.2MB PDF file and yes, wouldn't it be nice and more accessible if thos (read the entire post)...

Zune screenshots - including installation error pic

, posted: 15-Nov-2006 09:16

FLX has put up a bunch of screenshots from installing Zune, including the now-famous installation error message:

Check them out - the license agreement one is hilarious too... Microsoft's really straining to be hip here, but it&# (read the entire post)...

Sharp looks, good performance, but buggy... some Vista impressions

, posted: 14-Nov-2006 12:25

With Vista hitting manufacturing and Microsofties raving about how good Release Candidate 2 is - and I've seen some impressive demos to that effect from MS New Zealand - I thought it was time to give it a go.

I was hoping to put the RT (read the entire post)...


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