A measure of popularity?

, posted: 8-Dec-2006 17:03

Zillion's has the Air New Zealand Christmas for Kids charity auctions going at the moment, with a range of errm, interesting items going under the hammer. Fa Loh Suee pointed me to these two below, featuring the leaders of our two biggest parties (read the entire post)...

Casino Royale: Bond grows up

, posted: 8-Dec-2006 09:17

Having gone to see Casino Royale expecting an effete "Blond Bond" plus the usual assortment of cheesy action, gadgetry, car/plane/helicopter/younameit chases plus simpering bimbos, I came out of the cinema disappointed.

Well, not disappoin (read the entire post)...

Firefox 2.0 and Windows Vista niggles

, posted: 3-Dec-2006 13:23

I'm using Windows Vista RTM now on a daily basis despite it to be honest not being quite ready for prime-time. Vista drivers for the different bits and pieces I use are starting to show up, but many are still missing, or just don't work all t (read the entire post)...

Update Java to keep Vista Aero running

, posted: 3-Dec-2006 12:08

Here's an annoying Vista problem that I encountered: running Java applets in a browser kills the Aero interface. You can test this easily by going to any site like this airport monitor for Boston Logan International Airport. Once the site and the (read the entire post)...

NZ Police applies pepper spray 'by hand'

, posted: 29-Nov-2006 14:47

Paul Brislen drew my attention to this item from the Waikato Times, and more specifically, this paragraph:

Police confirmed pepper spray was used to subdue Ripia but said it had been applied by hand rather than sprayed.

read the entire post)...

Separation angst over for Telecom

, posted: 29-Nov-2006 07:32

The wait is over: yesterday, the Select Committee reported the Telecommunications Amendment Bill back to Parliament and there was an almost palpable sigh of relief from Telecom HQ. While it's obvious that the cross-party committee didn't buy (read the entire post)...

Rainbow again

, posted: 26-Nov-2006 19:35

The inimicable Rainbow. (Warning: 16MB video clip)

(read the entire post)...

Kill GRUB!

, posted: 26-Nov-2006 13:08

My attempt at setting up a new machine with three kinds of Windows and one variant of Linux is only three-quarters successful at the moment. I've got two disks, and the idea was to do it like this:

Disk A
Windows XP
Windows V (read the entire post)...

Not just Brash: Howard in Australia linked to Exclusive Brethren

, posted: 25-Nov-2006 10:36

While Don Brash's resignation didn't on the whole get much media attention over in Australia, this AAP report published in the Age says John Howard has met with the Exclusive Brethren as well:

But Greens leader Bob Brown say (read the entire post)...

Don Brash goes over Hager's book

, posted: 23-Nov-2006 13:33

It was only yesterday that Brash's former chief of staff Richard Long was on TV saying that taking out a court injunction against Nicky Hager's book "The Hollow Men" was a mistake that'd cost the National Party leader his job. (Would link (read the entire post)...


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