Make the UFB free

, posted: 13-Jul-2012 13:13

The New Zealand Ultra-Fast Broadband project has several problems. It's over-complicated, slowly deployed and despite being in its first year already, only just over a thousand households have connected to it.

Obviously, the uptake figure (read the entire post)...

New Zealand number three in Asia and Oceania for innovation: WIPO

, posted: 3-Jul-2012 20:11

The WIPO Global Innovation Index 2012 that surveyed over 140 countries and economies contains a pleasant surprise: New Zealand ranks third in Asia and Oceania for innovation, after Hong Kong and Singapore. With apologies for the infographic of course (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline: CIOs, Submarine Cables, ICT Trends and Kiwi PyCon

, posted: 28-Jun-2012 15:46

Subscribe to Newsline | NZCS Website NZCS Newsline28 June 2012 Your weekly dose of ICT news and views This week: Juha Saarinen: See eye see eye oh Paul Brislen: Submarines Garry Roberton: ICT Trends: Looking back, looking forward NZCS ICT-Connec (read the entire post)...

Experience IKEA’s Uppleva TV

, posted: 20-Jun-2012 17:16

Some assembly required, as with all of IKEA's stuff. Uppleva (Experience) comes with a TV, Blu-Ray player, and wireless speakers with a subwoofer all in one integrated packaged. M3 in Sweden thought the furniture bit of the Uppleva that took almost f (read the entire post)...

Zune, a DRM nuisance

, posted: 16-Jun-2012 15:05

Microsoft's alternative to iTunes, Zune, looks kind of cool and can be used to upgrade Windows Phone 7 devices. What it isn't good at though is selling stuff for Microsoft and others. There were some movies in the Zune Marketplace that I wanted to c (read the entire post)...

Travelling gear

, posted: 10-Jun-2012 14:16

A recent trip to Vietnam resulted in this story about Intel's Assembly and Test plant in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City - and some long overdue rest and recreation, thank goodness. I'd never been to Vietnam before and didn't know what to expect so wanted to (read the entire post)...

Conversation with a spam bot

, posted: 23-May-2012 12:46

"Alexis" appeared uninvited in my Google Talk or Chat or whatever it's called now. I suspected it was a spambot so decided to see if it was any good. It wasn't. Seriously, do people fall for this kind of stuff? Alexis hiya! me Hello Are you a spa (read the entire post)...

The exceedingly influential Mr Stephen Fry

, posted: 21-May-2012 14:21

I am already bowled over by how a few lines of tweeting by Stephen Fry shakes things up particularly in New Zealand. Somehow, Fry's utterances carry a tremendous amount of weight down here. Nevertheless, I didn't expect to see his tweets being referr (read the entire post)...

Cleanest inflight entertainment system interface ever?

, posted: 19-May-2012 17:12

Doesn't get much simpler than this IFES screen on a Vietnam Airlines between Hanoi and Saigon. Well, there's the small matter of not having anything resembling a keyboard with which to input any information, but anyway. (read the entire post)...

All my eggs in a basket

, posted: 5-May-2012 21:53

Vietnam is unfortunately covered in cheap plastic like most parts of the world, an environmental mistake of huge proportions that will come back and bite us, hard. They do however have alternative packaging materials that are more nature friendly. Ba (read the entire post)...


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