Blogging's credibility dilemma

, posted: 27-Mar-2007 11:24

There's something of a debate going on over at Mauricio's blog as to the perceived lack of accuracy in the "mainstream media" and how blogging and bloggers are taking over as credible news sources. Paul Brislen whom I've worked with for m (read the entire post)...

Gordon Brown digs deep during Parliament question time - video

, posted: 26-Mar-2007 19:38

Somehow I think Gordon Brown will have a few problems on the election trail as not many people will want to shake hands with him after seeing this video:

Euch. Gordon is in charge of all of UK's money and is likely to succe (read the entire post)...

Money-savvy Ontario teachers

, posted: 26-Mar-2007 12:06

This part in the media release about Telecom selling the Yellow Pages Group stood out I thought:
Teachers' Private Capital is the private investment arm of the US$85 billion Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, an independent corporation r (read the entire post)...

Telecom Yellow Pages gone for $2.24 billion

, posted: 26-Mar-2007 10:49

Telecom just now says it sold its Yellow Pages Group for NZ$2.24 billion, which was pretty much what the directories business was expected to fetch.

The buyers are two: the private investment arm of the Canadian Ontario Teachers' Pensi (read the entire post)...

Caption contest: Helen Clark meets Steve Ballmer

, posted: 26-Mar-2007 09:02

I wonder what the PM's looking at on the tablet PC? Not Ian Wishart's site or Kiwiblog I hope.

According to the press release I got, it was a warm and cosy moment in Redmond, like this...

New Zealand Prime (read the entire post)...

Farewell then, InfoWorld

, posted: 25-Mar-2007 14:22

Missed this item from ValleyWag that appeared on Friday, and which says that InfoWorld will be dumped and turned into a web only news site. There's no official confirmation from InfoWorld's owners IDG yet, and ValleyWag is quoting a subscribe (read the entire post)...

It's just not cricket anymore

, posted: 25-Mar-2007 13:48

Here's a game I'd want if I had an Xbox 360: Yuvraj Singh International Cricket 2007, which I think is currently being released this month. Not that I'll ever see an Xbox 360 but still... a HDTV cricket game that lets you play in the ICC (read the entire post)...

Rockstar Supernova Lukas Rossi hits Auckland strip joints

, posted: 25-Mar-2007 10:11

Intrepid paparazzo Dylan Reeve hit pay dirt early this morning while out on a stag/hen night when he snapped Lukas Rossi of Rockstar Supernova fame outside Showgirls and Penthouse, two Auckland establishments of some repute:

Checking out t (read the entire post)...

Is Telecom making a mistake by going GSM/UMTS?

, posted: 24-Mar-2007 12:56

That question springs to mind after reading a release from the CDMA Development Group that states CDMA2000 is doubling its subscriber base to 45 million. Erm, in South Asia that is. Telecom users can in theory now roam in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ind (read the entire post)...

The PR Troll Dialogues: Part II

, posted: 23-Mar-2007 13:41

Phone rings....

PR Troll: "Hi, it's $NAME from $LARGECORP - just calling to see if you got the invitation I sent out as we had some problems with it and if you're going to come along?"

Me: "Oh, the one about the Wa (read the entire post)...


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