Creative Yellow Pages

, posted: 7-Apr-2007 09:50

Not long after I declared myself unimpressed with Telecom's advertising in general (OK, that should read "I didn't like it") the Yellow Pages for this year arrived:

That's excellent creative work. Full marks to the (read the entire post)...

An expensive PROBE

, posted: 4-Apr-2007 13:21

Peter Griffin has a good story about the rather Cartmanesque PROBE taxpayers were subjected to, in today's Herald. PROBE stands for Provincial Broadband Extension and the idea behind it was to provide a state subsidy to make sure people in rural (read the entire post)...

Custom coffins

, posted: 3-Apr-2007 20:12

eShopAfrica has many, many cool things from Ghana in West Africa, like clothes, carvings, textiles, jewellery and musical instruments, but they also carry a mean line in custom coffins. Here's a Lion coffin that would look spectacular at any fune (read the entire post)...

Where is Telecom's corporate blog then?

, posted: 3-Apr-2007 18:27

I'm a bit disappointed in Telecom actually - and Vodafone. Unlike Telstra, the NZ telcos are quite content not to utilise the Internet to reach their customers more directly than using bog-standard first generation websites.

Now, Voda (read the entire post)...

CAT scanners or the Sex Pistols - guess what those useless fools EMI chose?

, posted: 3-Apr-2007 15:35

In the wake of today's faking, money making, cheap appeal announcement with The iJobs... I gob in EMI's general direction.

Filthy lucre is their game. The stupid fools supported RIANZ's submission to the select committee (read the entire post)...

Auckland Festival of Photography now accepting entries

, posted: 1-Apr-2007 19:52

Greg Ward emailed me about the Auckland Festival of Photography and the competition running until end of April - you can submit any photo that reflects the spirit of Auckland, be it portraits, landscapes, abstract pictures or photo journalism.
< (read the entire post)...

Number portability next week but where's Vodafone's At Home?

, posted: 30-Mar-2007 10:46

Next Monday Sunday will see the usual slew of April Fool's jokes, but number portability won't be one of them. It's a curious date to launch something that many, many people have been waiting for a long time to have - the ability to take (read the entire post)...

Vodafone dumps Lowe

, posted: 29-Mar-2007 19:30

AdMedia & Fastline says Lowe no longer has the Vodafone account:

Lowe New Zealand has lost the high profile Vodafone account with at least 10 people being made redundant at the agency as a result.

Vodafone has launched a (read the entire post)...

Q&A Session with Vodafone CEO Russell Stanners

, posted: 28-Mar-2007 21:43

Yes, it's up now. Check it out here.

It took a while to get done, but I hope you'll think it was worth the wait. (read the entire post)...

Translating the skills shortage

, posted: 27-Mar-2007 19:29

From a response posted to the New Zealand Herald, on whether or not it's hard to find good staff now... it needed translation.

My association management company prefers to employ young graduates to meet the demands of a diverse client (read the entire post)...


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