'I know, let's call it...'

, posted: 30-Apr-2007 12:13

'... FLEPia.'

So, you're Fujitsu, a stonking huge company in Japan, and you come up with a cool concept - electronic paper, or an electronic reader really.

And you call it FLEPia. "I schlepia my FLEPia." (read the entire post)...

Microsoft hacked

, posted: 29-Apr-2007 20:38

Looks like someone got through at Microsoft:

That URL doesn't load anymore - it looks like Microsoft has pulled the host from the DNS completely. Looks like it was for the Internet Explorer Administration Kit site o (read the entire post)...

Big-headed bloggers

, posted: 25-Apr-2007 15:41

Have the doorways at Sequoia Capital been enlarged sufficiently to accommodate the rather inflated Calacanis cranium? After reading about the well-famous blogger's latest caper, I am concerned that Jason's passage in and out of the office may (read the entire post)...

ANZAC Day in Devonport

, posted: 25-Apr-2007 13:19

ANZAC Day in Devonport was sunny and warm, with a surprisingly large turnout. I biked down to the village and found heaps of people already gathered by the war memorial bronze statue (the "Untidy Soldier" by Frank Lynch).

Being me, I didn& (read the entire post)...

Helen Clark - Steve Ballmer caption contest winner declared

, posted: 24-Apr-2007 21:36

My apologies: the caption contest featuring Helens Clark and Robinson, and Microsoft's Chris Liddell and Steve Ballmer should've been closed sooner. Life, work and holidays intervened however, but now I've decided who the lucky lucky dwarf winner of (read the entire post)...

Microsoft Presenter 3000 and Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000

, posted: 24-Apr-2007 20:47

We are a WIMPy lot, us men, and mice are therefore important tools. Computer ones, that is. I've been playing with two Microsoft pointing accessories, the Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 and the Presenter 3000 a bit lately, mainly out of curiosity. (read the entire post)...

Fisk on Wikipedia and Web hate campaigns

, posted: 22-Apr-2007 11:01

"There is no end to the Internet's circle of hate," writes Robert Fisk in his article, Caught in the Deadly Web of the Internet, published in the Independent. Fisk, in case you've missed it, is a well-known British journalist whose critical pieces on (read the entire post)...

Windows Vista finally working

, posted: 21-Apr-2007 10:12

I am posting this blog entry from Vista, using Firefox Before that, I read email with Thunderbird The Dell Photo 926 printer now prints, and Joost works great.

What did I do? Well, after upgrading the BIOS on my Intel 975 (read the entire post)...

Utterly good: Dan le Sac vs Scroobious Pip

, posted: 18-Apr-2007 20:07

Every now and then, a sheer flash of brilliance appears. Here's another one of those rare moments.


Thou shalt not steal if there is direct victim.
Thou shalt not worship pop idols or follow los (read the entire post)...

Sign petition to save Pandora and Internet radio

, posted: 18-Apr-2007 08:13

The copyright crazies in Washington DC have decided to kill off streaming Internet radio by forcing up royalty fees three-fold. I'm a fan of Pandora and all those weirdo little Internet radio stations that pop up in iTunes, and believe it would b (read the entire post)...


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