Has Kordia bought Orcon?

, posted: 10-Jun-2007 11:21

Update It was indeed Orcon. Kordia got it for NZ$24.3 million.

The word in the Internet business is that the ISP Kordia will announce tomorrow Monday that it has bought Auckland provider Orcon. It's just a rumour at the (read the entire post)...

Telecom confirms hybrid WCDMA/UMTS-CDMA network

, posted: 8-Jun-2007 09:10

Here it is then, confirmation that a WCDMA network is being built, following my and Natalie Apostolou's scoop in Commsday.

Telecom today announced a $300 million mobile network investment plan to meet New Zealand's fu (read the entire post)...

BBC and Microsoft Photosynth Britain

, posted: 6-Jun-2007 15:53

Microsoft's Photosynth is very cool tech, but I wasn't sure what it could be used for when I first wrote about it. BBC however figured it out: the UK state broadcaster will air a TV programme throughout July called How we built Britain. This will fea (read the entire post)...

Humping dog memory stick

, posted: 4-Jun-2007 19:27

From the "just because you can doesn't mean you should do it" department: the same people who gave you Sushi USB sticks have now come up with... a Humping Dog one. Here he is in action, giving his all to a laptop:

Rakuten calls this bo (read the entire post)...

One reason to live in New Zealand

, posted: 3-Jun-2007 14:32

Friday was great day out in the Hauraki Gulf, courtesy of Nat Torkington and Zom, aboard the good ship Foam. We were very lucky with the weather, catching the last of the Indian Summer up north. Sunny and warm and next to no wind and very still (read the entire post)...

Is Telecom waiting for a National win?

, posted: 27-May-2007 18:01

Helen Twose spotted Telecommunication Commissioner Douglas Webb's submission about a week ago and wrote a good summary of it in the Herald - good on her, but I wish the ComCom and other government departments would pull finger and implement RSS o (read the entire post)...

New Orcon business is buggy

, posted: 27-May-2007 17:44

Forget reselling Telecom DSL and data centres that crazed truckies crash into! It's ladybirds, green lacewings, praying mantis, nematodes, trichogramma and earthworm castings from now on. OrCon FTW!
(read the entire post)...

Late Easter Bunnies

, posted: 27-May-2007 16:29

I know, I know... Easter was aeons ago, but this is too good not to share:

(read the entire post)...

You know, this is wrong for so many reasons...

, posted: 22-May-2007 21:10

Now you're going to ask me "WTF is that all about?" and... it's kind of hard to explain but you're looking at "Be@arbrick" collectible toys, as made by Japan's Medicom Toy Inc.

Apparently, people like H R Giger, Karl (read the entire post)...

Sweaterated at birth and freelancer's tipple no more

, posted: 17-May-2007 10:05

The below image was forwarded to me by a gentleman struck by the remarkable likeness between the people in it:

Are messieurs Bain and Krueger by any chance related? I think we should be told.

In other news, the kill-joys at The (read the entire post)...


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