Conficker wreaks havoc

, posted: 26-Jan-2009 14:41

I'm a little surprised to see the how fast Conficker (link goes to Symantec's page on the worm) is spreading everywhere. Chris Keall at NBR has a good story on the worm in all its evilness, with estimates from Symantec and F-Secure that the number of (read the entire post)...

Further adventures in media

, posted: 21-Jan-2009 13:08

2009 looks like it'll be a busy year, sagging economy notwithstanding. Apart from my other gigs, I've started contributing to ZDNet Australia, and I'm very pleased about that. It's a great tech news site with a massive amount of information that shou (read the entire post)...

Telecom closes Ferrit

, posted: 12-Jan-2009 12:58

That's that then: online shopping site Ferrit will close down. Last orders are at Wednesday this week, 5pm. Tech journos like myself have been taking bets on when Ferrit would close, but expected it to happen much sooner after Dr Paul Reynolds took o (read the entire post)...

Draconian identification powers for police sneak into New Zealand law

, posted: 28-Dec-2008 13:12

Lance Wiggs reads stuff very carefully, and noticed an NZPA story in the NZ Herald, about criminals giving fake names to avoid facing the music when apprehended. The story appears to have originated at the Sunday Star Times, and been regurgitated as- (read the entire post)...

Pipe Networks signs PPC-1 MoU: Sydney-Guam cable to go ahead

, posted: 19-Dec-2008 13:15

The always vigilant Commsday reports that Pipe Networks has rescued the PPC-1 cable between Sydney and Guam by signing a deal with cable layers Tyco Telecoms and an unknown key customer. Pipe Networks says in an announcement to the Aussie stock excha (read the entire post)...

What will happen to telecommunications in New Zealand next year?

, posted: 17-Dec-2008 16:00

There was plenty of pork-barrelling over broadband during the election, with National outdoing Labour in promising $1.5 billion to build a high-speed network that will reach most of us (the exact percentage of the population covered is still being de (read the entire post)...

TVNZ finally revamps website

, posted: 11-Dec-2008 16:17

Our state broadcaster has had a quite awful website for too long now. The old site did its best to hide some really good material, so it's good to see a shiny new one replacing it that has a clean layout that actually makes you want to spend time on (read the entire post)...

The 419ers try very hard...

, posted: 11-Dec-2008 09:27

My ISP leaves the spam filtering to me, only tagging the emails as they arrive. This means I get some rather interesting specimens, like the one today that contained this image:

Mr Habib Mohammed Mahmuud claims to represent the well-known (read the entire post)...

Windows Vista and Server 2008 SP2 out Dec 2

, posted: 2-Dec-2008 23:47

MSDN and Technet subscribers will have access to Windows Vista and Server 2008 Service Pack 2 on Dec 2 US time, Microsoft tells me in an email from the local office.

Hang on... isn't Vista SP2 due to be publicly released in February next y (read the entire post)...

Why Trade Me went with Google Maps: Street View

, posted: 2-Dec-2008 09:39

There you go, the Street View reason why Trade Me went with Google Maps in favour of Smaps:

While I have reservations about Google turfing out locally developed stuff (Smaps was done by ProjectX in Wellie), you can't fault Trade Me for pic (read the entire post)...


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