Geek garden update

, posted: 5-Nov-2009 13:46

Wet and warm keeps the green stuff happy. The garden is growing like anything, something that most New Zealanders are undoubtedly accustomed to, but for me is a Being There experience that still amazes. Have had lovely, sweet strawberries for the las (read the entire post)...

Brothers in spam – the Atkinsons

, posted: 3-Nov-2009 22:23

The conviction of Shane Atkinson in the High Court in Christchurch for spamming was a long time in coming. In 2003, when I wrote about Atkinson as a huge "make big penis fast" spammer, the reaction from the public fed up with huge amounts of offens (read the entire post)...

Today’s incomprehensible Windows security warning

, posted: 29-Oct-2009 09:47

Not enough caffeine in bloodstream this morning, and I fat-finger an Excel 2010 formula. Can't see what I've done wrong so click on "Get help with this error." Watch a window pop up with this warning: Wait. "Microsoft Office" from "Microsoft Corpor (read the entire post)...

Why would anyone buy the Wolfram Alpha iPhone app?

, posted: 19-Oct-2009 12:01

From the curious marketing strategy department: @duncn in Nelson pointed out via Twitter that the new Wolfram Alpha iPhone app is rather optimistically priced:"the Wolfram Alpha iPhone app looks cool, might pass since its sixty-five fricken dollars!! (read the entire post)...

Apropos that new Telecom logo

, posted: 16-Oct-2009 14:12

Tonight there will be son et lumière courtesy of Telecom New Zealand, as the telco lights up the Auckland Ferry terminal.

Rumours are flying around that this old logo, some eight years by now:

...will be replaced by (read the entire post)...

Time to blog some more on Geekzone

, posted: 8-Oct-2009 14:56

Now that Mauricio and Red Jungle have made it easier, with the Metaweblog API. This is good stuff, which means you can blog offline. I'm using the Technical Preview of Word 2010 to write this post, for instance. This is a test post really, to see how (read the entire post)...

Snow job on termination rates

, posted: 12-Aug-2009 10:54

There's a new stoush over termination rates brewing, this time cooked up by a rather peculiar alliance: Econet's successor NZ Communications/2 Degrees, Matthew Hooton's PR company Exceltium, Consumer NZ and The Telecommunications Users Association of (read the entire post)...

Attack of the SS PR

, posted: 22-Jul-2009 21:05

I am subscribed to the great and wonderful FreeBSD mailing lists, which occasionally throw up gems like the below message. First time I've heard of a "deep Rolodex", actually.

Mindy Franklin to freebsd-questions.

I (read the entire post)...

Google Chrome OS announced

, posted: 8-Jul-2009 17:48

The competition for Microsoft just heated up considerably, with the Google announcing that it intends to release an operating system aimed initially at Netbooks in the second half of next year. Google Chrome OS is the somewhat unimaginative name, and (read the entire post)...

Rumours of my heart attack are greatly exaggerated

, posted: 25-Jun-2009 16:31

Ahh... the Internet; don't you just love it? David MacGregor, one of the Idealog founders, has unfortunately come down with a very dodgy ticker. He's currently awaiting to undergo bypass surgery, and blogged about it. I read what David had written, t (read the entire post)...


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