PublicACTA posts the Wellington Declaration. Sign it if you value your rights

, posted: 12-Apr-2010 12:15

The PublicACTA conference took place in Wellington this weekend on April 10, and one important outcome of it is the Wellington Declaration. You should read and sign the petition if you value your rights, including the ability to make sovereign law as (read the entire post)...

Anandtech distributes malware, Google says

, posted: 28-Mar-2010 10:04

Firing up Firefox this morning and loading a bookmarked page on the reputable tech site brought up a surprise warning: Clicking on the Why was this page blocked? button provided the following explanation. What is the current lis (read the entire post)...

Asshat SEO – AdCard Ltd

, posted: 21-Mar-2010 13:54

I appreciate comments on my blog and it annoys me that I can't make it as easy as possible for everyone to have their say in an easy fashion, without CAPTCHA and registration/confirmation. The reason for that is of course the comment spammers that i (read the entire post)...

Giant copyright troll alert: Viacom uploaded videos to YouTube for years

, posted: 19-Mar-2010 16:28

Mr Editor Bossman at Computerworld NZ, The Roboneill, sent a link to the official YouTube blog with a rather interesting entry by Zahavah Levine, the video hoster's chief legal counsel. Have a read of it all, but the bit quoted below sticks out: For (read the entire post)...

European Parliament throws spanner in secret ACTA works

, posted: 14-Mar-2010 10:07

This will make the Wellington ACTA negotiations more exciting - the European Parliament has asked to have full access to ACTA documents, and wants this to be granted to the public too. Furthermore, the ACTA talks should be limited to counterfeiting, (read the entire post)...

Pacific Fibre cable a bold initiative that the government should support

, posted: 11-Mar-2010 16:31

Will the NZ$900 million Pacific Fibre cable mooted by messieurs Drury, Morgan, Tindall, Rushworth, Humphrey and Wiggs succeed? Certainly, the list of founders is impressive with everyone on it not only having an understanding of why Big Fat Pipes w (read the entire post)...

ComCom: Don’t forget mobile roaming rates

, posted: 25-Feb-2010 12:24

Mobile phone termination rates are under intense scrutiny by the New Zealand telco regulator, the Commerce Commission, which has pressured Vodafone and Telecom into a binding undertaking to lower the amounts charged for landing calls on their network (read the entire post)...

Hands on with Google Nexus One – briefly

, posted: 16-Feb-2010 13:15

I should be talking about Windows Phone 7 Series, but there's plenty of comment on that unreleased mobile OS so here's a brief hands-on report about the Google Nexus One. I had the opportunity to check out the SuperGooglePhone for a few moments recen (read the entire post)...

Trade Me, the behemoth on NZ's Internet

, posted: 2-Feb-2010 12:07

How busy is Trade Me these days? According to Trade Me developer Jay, very busy:

Yesterday being Monday February 1, 2010, Trade Me served up almost 2.4 million pages an hour, or just under 40,000 a minute.

Wonder how (read the entire post)...

Losers in the Apple iPad launch

, posted: 28-Jan-2010 10:20

There it is then, another culture-changing device from Apple, as Mike Elgan puts it. The iPad may not be everything to everyone, but Apple has launched the device with its usual thoroughness, and it's backed up by apps, media and 3G right from (read the entire post)...


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