What Thunderbird thinks of Symantec's July State of Spam and State of Phishing Reports

, posted: 9-Jul-2010 15:29

Harsh… Technorati Tags: Symantec,phishing,security,spam (read the entire post)...

"Right to broadband" in Finland

, posted: 5-Jul-2010 15:59

There's some interesting discussion in Dot En Zed around the Finnish initiative that appears to guarantee broadband with at least 1Mbit/s downstream speed to everyone. Colin Jackson's blog for instance makes some good points.

Unlike France (read the entire post)...

Got the snip

, posted: 1-Jul-2010 19:21

I've been waiting for the diggers outside to cut through the phone cable in the road for two days now. Today afternoon it happened and here is the evidence.

The Chorus techies are working on it as we speak, and expect the cable (read the entire post)...

FryUp under phishing attack… or not quite

, posted: 30-Jun-2010 10:48

Got a somewhat baffling email this morning, in HTML, asking me to reset the password for fryup@computerworld.co.nz. It was flagged as spam (obviously) and seemed at first like a "phish" to capture usernames and passwords but . . . what would be the p (read the entire post)...

Google and Microsoft slacking off

, posted: 29-Jun-2010 11:20

I use Gmail a lot and earn Google advertising revenue in the process - which is fine in principle. However, while I appreciate the generally good and reliable service Google provides, I am starting to see a few lingering issues with Gmail that just d (read the entire post)...

The chief executioner tweets

, posted: 21-Jun-2010 12:58

Mark Shurtleff, Attorney-General of Utah. (read the entire post)...

Huawei TDD LTE demo aboard the Shanghai MagLev train

, posted: 28-May-2010 18:02

I spent almost a week in Shanghai recently, courtesy of Huawei, the Chinese telco and network giant. There was lots to see, not at least the Shanghai World Expo 2010 which I covered for Wired, the well-preserved city itself and the public transport s (read the entire post)...

PublicACTA posts the Wellington Declaration. Sign it if you value your rights

, posted: 12-Apr-2010 12:15

The PublicACTA conference took place in Wellington this weekend on April 10, and one important outcome of it is the Wellington Declaration. You should read and sign the petition if you value your rights, including the ability to make sovereign law as (read the entire post)...

Anandtech distributes malware, Google says

, posted: 28-Mar-2010 10:04

Firing up Firefox this morning and loading a bookmarked page on the reputable www.anandtech.com tech site brought up a surprise warning: Clicking on the Why was this page blocked? button provided the following explanation. What is the current lis (read the entire post)...

Asshat SEO – AdCard Ltd

, posted: 21-Mar-2010 13:54

I appreciate comments on my blog and it annoys me that I can't make it as easy as possible for everyone to have their say in an easy fashion, without CAPTCHA and registration/confirmation. The reason for that is of course the comment spammers that i (read the entire post)...


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