Free calling on Christchurch payphones - goodonya, Telecom

, posted: 5-Sep-2010 10:56

What a horrible weekend for Christchurch and the South Island. My friends there are unhurt, thank goodness, and unbelievably enough, it appears nobody was killed. The repair and clean-up work after the 7.1 quake will be massive though, and I hope the (read the entire post)...

Police says no evidence Google committed a crime with Street View Wi-Fi snooping

, posted: 2-Sep-2010 11:20

Received a media release from the NZ Police a moment ago, that seems to say that if you leave your Wi-Fi connection unencrypted so that others can snoop on your data… "tough, you have yourself to blame". We'll see if the Privacy Commissioner ta (read the entire post)...

Got to touch a pair of Windows Phone 7 devices

, posted: 31-Aug-2010 12:53

Been running around Tech Ed 2010 here in Auckland, checking out what's new in Microsoft-land. The one thing that most people are curious about is Windows Phone 7, so here it is. Check out my piece in Computerworld on my initial impressions of Windo (read the entire post)...

Windows Phone 7 to hit New Zealand in October?

, posted: 26-Aug-2010 13:21

Unlike overseas, it's almost impossible to get any information out of the local Microsoft subsidiary when it comes to Windows Phone 7. In Australia, Telstra and Microsoft is already talking about handsets, albeit in a mumbly fashion that doesn't mean (read the entire post)...

NZ government could create new last-mile monopoly with UFB

, posted: 23-Aug-2010 17:48

Orcon CEO Scott Bartlett warned recently that the consequences stemming from changes to the government's Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) project could end up "cementing the [Local Fibre Companies] as 'one big, nasty monopoly per region'" and he may well e (read the entire post)...

Windows Live Essentials betas seem good, but oh so flaky

, posted: 19-Aug-2010 09:31

Microsoft's Windows Live Essentials comprise a set of utilities that are definitely worth downloading - I use Windows Live Writer to blog here on Geekzone for instance, and Movie Maker and Live Photo Gallery are really useful little apps. There's a r (read the entire post)...

DMCA used to remove search engine results

, posted: 17-Aug-2010 15:51

Here's something at least I haven't come across before, namely Google removing results due to DMCA complaints. This seems to be a fairly new method to go after alleged intellectual property and copyright infringers.

Click on the links in t (read the entire post)...

Got an iPhone? Watch out for roaming charges... even with roaming turned off.

, posted: 13-Aug-2010 12:44

My good friend Nic "Fastchicken" Wise has been travelling with his iPhone 4 (flash git, and he won't give me one either) racking up big data charges despite having roaming turned off. Being a good geek, Nic filed a community bug report on this "featu (read the entire post)...

Hands-on with two Android phones - Nexus One and Motorola Milestone

, posted: 8-Aug-2010 18:11

The Android market is on fire currently, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt reckons something like 200,000 units are activated each day.

I'm guilty of contributing to that number recently, with two devices. First to arrive was the ex-Google Nexus (read the entire post)...

The Tech-Ed 2010 bag review

, posted: 3-Aug-2010 16:30

Amazingly enough, it's been another year since the last Microsoft Tech-Ed which, errm, was held in 2009. This year's SuperMegaGeekFest starts on August 30 and ends on September 1 and delegates attending get a bag.

I was lucky enough to spo (read the entire post)...


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