NZCS Newsline March 25 2011

, posted: 25-Mar-2011 16:22

View online | NZCS Website NZCS Newsline25 March 2011 Your weekly dose of ICT news and views This week: Branch AGM season plus more on Christchurchby Paul Matthews, NZCS Chief Executive I've been travelling in Dunedin and Christchurch most of thi (read the entire post)...

Finally, more information on the NZ UFB

, posted: 23-Mar-2011 15:42

I and most others have had little detail on what the government's Ultra-Fast Broadband or UFB project actually entails. We've heard a little bit about the speeds and Slingshot's early announcement with retail pricing for a 30/10Mbps plan, but more de (read the entire post)...

The danger of relying on User Generated Content stored elsewhere

, posted: 24-Dec-2010 10:50

I was trying to figure out the Blackberry plans on Vodafone NZ's website, and spotted this: Hmm. what's that message in the Blackberry square? Oh. DMCA I guess. (read the entire post)...

Wikileaks keeps publishing despite Assange's arrest

, posted: 10-Dec-2010 17:19

The fantastic NMA TV illustrates better than anyone else what's going on with Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Truly awesome. Get animated. (read the entire post)...

Letter to Simon Power, minister of commerce re: Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill

, posted: 9-Dec-2010 12:55

The below letter and briefing note was emailed to Simon Power, the Commerce Select Committee member and various other parliamentarians involved in deciding what New Zealand's new copyright law should be like. Warning: letter and briefing note contain (read the entire post)...

Nokia N8 too little, too late

, posted: 18-Nov-2010 13:40

It's 2010, and Nokia comes out with the N8. The Finns have had years to learn from Apple and its hugely successful iPhone, not to mention Google and the Android. They've been able to note how Microsoft, RIM and Palm have spun their wheels without g (read the entire post)...

New unjust copyright law alert: guilty until you prove your innocence

, posted: 5-Nov-2010 11:21

Despite Labour and various lobby groups patting themselves on the back, saying a compromise has been reached that makes the amended copyright law workable and fair, it looks like things have in fact taken a turn for the worse. Please make sure that y (read the entire post)...

First issue of NZCS Newsline 2.0 is out

, posted: 4-Nov-2010 15:50

I'm pleased to announce the emergence of the first colossally good NZCS Newsline 2.0 newsletter, featuring a small contribution from yours truly. Plus, I'm editing the newsletter - hoping it'll attract many interesting contributions from NZCS member (read the entire post)...

Best camera phone ever

, posted: 20-Oct-2010 15:43

Alex Kidman's asking if people really buy smart phones just for the onboard camera, in conjunction with the Nokia N8 launch yesterday. I know of at least one person who bought a Nokia N95 and an N97 for that very reason and I'd love to have a good ca (read the entire post)...

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

, posted: 19-Sep-2010 13:57

I've had the Samsung Galaxy i9000 for a few weeks now, and as it's going back to Vodafone soon, it's time to note down what I thought of it. Full specs and some issues are recorded on Wikipedia, and there are any number of detailed reviews out on t (read the entire post)...


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