NZCS Newsline 24

, posted: 6-May-2011 17:31

Subscribe to Newsline | NZCS Website NZCS Newsline6 May 2011 Your weekly dose of ICT news and views This week: Paul Matthews: Overseas influence in NZ Copyright law Juha Saarinen: Mates' termination rates Marie Shroff: Where in the world is our (read the entire post)...

Termination rates and margins

, posted: 5-May-2011 16:13

I see that TUANZ is err, calling for a national day of calling which is a big call although I wish they had called it something else. The media release says this amongst other things: The Commerce Commission has reduced the termination rate for a vo (read the entire post)...

How long does it take before you end up before the Copyright Tribunal?

, posted: 5-May-2011 13:46

There's some confusion as to how long the whole process with infringement notices takes, as per the new Copyright Act.I wasn't sure, so I asked my learned friend, Rick Shera of Lowndes Jordan, who says:

The on-notice period as it is called (read the entire post)...

13 reasons why the Infringing File Sharing Act is bad for you by Christopher Wood

, posted: 3-May-2011 19:51

See Christopher's original Facebook note here. Many of you have been asking what the big deal is about the new copyright legislation (Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill 119-2). Isn't it a good measure for stopping illegal downloads? (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline April 15 2011

, posted: 15-Apr-2011 15:37

Subscribe to Newsline | NZCS Website NZCS Newsline15 April 2011 Your weekly dose of ICT news and views This week Paul Matthews: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: Imagining and Law Juha Saarinen: Do you copy? Brett Roberts: Imagine the Buzz Martin (read the entire post)...

VDSL2 installed

, posted: 14-Apr-2011 15:26

Finally, I have mo' betta upstream, courtesy of Snap Internet and Telecom Wholesale.

The download figure might improve as Chorus will rewire the connection soon. Also hope to have a different VDSL2 router than the borrowed Alca (read the entire post)...

DSL in NZ becomes a little faster

, posted: 7-Apr-2011 13:13

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about my stories in the Herald, about the UFB pricing and details. In the stories, I said that DSL is dimensioned with 45kbps per user currently, something that caused Neil Gardner at Telecom to emit howls of protest. (read the entire post)...

NZCS Newsline March 25 2011

, posted: 25-Mar-2011 16:22

View online | NZCS Website NZCS Newsline25 March 2011 Your weekly dose of ICT news and views This week: Branch AGM season plus more on Christchurchby Paul Matthews, NZCS Chief Executive I've been travelling in Dunedin and Christchurch most of thi (read the entire post)...

Finally, more information on the NZ UFB

, posted: 23-Mar-2011 15:42

I and most others have had little detail on what the government's Ultra-Fast Broadband or UFB project actually entails. We've heard a little bit about the speeds and Slingshot's early announcement with retail pricing for a 30/10Mbps plan, but more de (read the entire post)...

The danger of relying on User Generated Content stored elsewhere

, posted: 24-Dec-2010 10:50

I was trying to figure out the Blackberry plans on Vodafone NZ's website, and spotted this: Hmm. what's that message in the Blackberry square? Oh. DMCA I guess. (read the entire post)...


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