CBGB closing

, posted: 14-Oct-2006 19:38

The New York club where anybody that ever mattered played and quite a few who didn't did, CBGB, is closing. It's been going for exactly a third of a century, since 1973, but now it's time to die as the Bowery becomes gentrified beyond the tolerable.< (read the entire post)...

'Millions' will never be able to afford a house

, posted: 8-Oct-2006 10:43

While it's prudent to take long-term predictions with a massive pinch of salt, there's probably a grain of truth in Anne Gibson's story for the Herald. In fifty years, home ownership in New Zealand could drop to forty per cent - that is, (read the entire post)...

Oh brother! Exclusive Brethren discover Geekzone

, posted: 5-Oct-2006 20:52

From the Exclusive Brethren's MySpace blog:

Fundamentalism, Digitally Remastered
Current mood: Chillin'

Brethren (and Sisters)

The launch of the Exclusive Brethren on Myspace has created a lot of i (read the entire post)...

Apple updates iTunes 7 - audio issues fixed?

, posted: 30-Sep-2006 14:38

Apple has put up the iTunes 7.0.1 update for its media player, which has been causing a great deal of problems for users.

I've downloaded it, and so far so good - no distorted sound, and Apple seems to have sorted out the skipping too. (read the entire post)...

No full Mac OS X support for Robson NAND accelerators?

, posted: 28-Sep-2006 07:07

Hard drives will soon have non-volatile Flash memory on them, which will act as a disk cache to further improve performance. The reason for this is that while processor performance has increased some thirty times over the past few years, disk perform (read the entire post)...

Air New Zealand Pacific Premier Economy

, posted: 25-Sep-2006 14:18

Air New Zealand has been on the "avoid" list for me for a while now, after a business class trip to Asia featuring a broken seat and generally poor service about two years ago. The decision to not go Air NZ if possible was compounded by their custome (read the entire post)...

Geekzone06 over - excellent event overall

, posted: 16-Sep-2006 21:57

Sitting here in the hotel with T3G at -57dBm and laptop battery at 13% and no recharger (knew there was something I forgot this morning), I can conclude that Geekzone06 was a great event. Very good speakers, including Rod Drury, Jay Templeton, Jethro (read the entire post)...

Segway recall - excellent! Just walk instead.

, posted: 15-Sep-2006 20:33

You may have noticed that I can't stand Segways. Sure, it's clever technology, and the marketing is slick but could someone explain to me why exactly the world needs yet another obesity-generating device? Not only that, but a device that requires not (read the entire post)...

iTunes 7 bugs: doesn't Apple test software before releasing it?

, posted: 14-Sep-2006 13:34

If you haven't upgraded to iTunes 7, hold off doing so: the version available currently is buggy and broken.

I downloaded it yesterday and checked out the iMovies section, but not the music player. Today, when I played some music that sou (read the entire post)...

Support supermarket workers

, posted: 9-Sep-2006 20:43

Surely it didn't have to end up like this, given how little supermarket workers earn and the big profits the store owners make?

From Shelfrespect:

- The lockout follows the indefinite suspension of workers after commencing a (read the entire post)...


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