May iGod be with you

, posted: 21-Feb-2007 20:47

You probably think I'm being facetious and even blasphemous against The Cult of the iJobs with this post, but no. Instead, it's the Anglicans at St Matthews who are taking a somewhat modern approach to sermons using... podcasts. In fact, it l (read the entire post)...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

, posted: 18-Feb-2007 09:39

It's Chinese New Year, as the SMS from Fah Lo Suee saying Kiong Hee Huat Chai tells me (kam siah, hor). No ang pao/hong bao for me but there were huge fireworks last night, and I might try my hand at making yu sheng in a few days' time if I c (read the entire post)...

Kiwifoo video

, posted: 6-Feb-2007 09:56

Inveterate Microsoftie Nigel Parker put together a video collage (OK, mashup then) of the Baa Camp:

Also check out what he wrote in the blog - I vigorously deny playing Wii bowling (although hurling the balls overarm as in the picture co (read the entire post)...

Baa Camp pics on Flickr

, posted: 5-Feb-2007 10:29

Have put up some of the better (=least awful, IMO) pictures that I took at the Kiwi Foo / Baa Camp this weekend on Flickr. Should upgrade to a Pro account so that I can have more than three sets on Flickr I guess, or use a different service.
read the entire post)...

End of Baa Camp

, posted: 4-Feb-2007 20:26

No more already. Mahurangi College will be silent for... a few more days until the 2007 school season starts again. The geeks, creatives and sundry nermul peepl have decamped the Baa Foo.

Yes, it did have that human touch that is crucial (read the entire post)...

Baa Camp Day 2

, posted: 3-Feb-2007 23:49

I don't think I'll ever be able to get used to the idea of Flash being a development platform but... OK, it works for some, so who am I to say anything? Baa Camp continued unabated throughout Saturday - in fact, it's still going on as of (read the entire post)...

Baa Camp Day 1

, posted: 3-Feb-2007 00:10

Made it to Warkworth through a very scenic albeit slow route, on narrow gravel roads with huge logging trucks as the only traffic. This was in part due to a in theory good idea (avoid the northbound traffic on State Highway 1) that didn't quite c (read the entire post)...

Far North carparks 'supermarkets for thieves'

, posted: 7-Jan-2007 13:45

One thing that puts me at least off traipsing around the North Island is all the car break-ins and pillaging that seem to be the norm. Two years ago, family members travelling in the Bay of Islands in a campervan were attacked by a gang of youths at (read the entire post)...

The most important 'tech moments' in 2006?

, posted: 27-Dec-2006 15:12

2006 was a busy year for the technology sector everywhere, and I thought I'd summarise some of what happened. This will be in no particular order of importance or even date, and as usual, it's completely subjective (hey, this is my blog after (read the entire post)...

Halo film loses studios financing

, posted: 21-Oct-2006 10:22

Will Halo make it to the screen, now that Universal Studios and Fox have pulled out of financing the film, produced by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh? That depends on if Microsoft can find some more backers for the US$145 million film.

Well (read the entire post)...


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