ANZAC Day in Devonport

, posted: 25-Apr-2007 13:19

ANZAC Day in Devonport was sunny and warm, with a surprisingly large turnout. I biked down to the village and found heaps of people already gathered by the war memorial bronze statue (the "Untidy Soldier" by Frank Lynch).

Being me, I didn& (read the entire post)...

Papakura rape never happened

, posted: 15-Apr-2007 14:18

This is indeed very tragic - the Papakura woman who said an armed intruder had raped her in her house made up the story. She's being referred to "health professionals" and will probably end up in court for this.

Maybe there is some sor (read the entire post)...

CAT scanners or the Sex Pistols - guess what those useless fools EMI chose?

, posted: 3-Apr-2007 15:35

In the wake of today's faking, money making, cheap appeal announcement with The iJobs... I gob in EMI's general direction.

Filthy lucre is their game. The stupid fools supported RIANZ's submission to the select committee (read the entire post)...

Auckland Festival of Photography now accepting entries

, posted: 1-Apr-2007 19:52

Greg Ward emailed me about the Auckland Festival of Photography and the competition running until end of April - you can submit any photo that reflects the spirit of Auckland, be it portraits, landscapes, abstract pictures or photo journalism.
< (read the entire post)...

Money-savvy Ontario teachers

, posted: 26-Mar-2007 12:06

This part in the media release about Telecom selling the Yellow Pages Group stood out I thought:
Teachers' Private Capital is the private investment arm of the US$85 billion Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, an independent corporation r (read the entire post)...

It's just not cricket anymore

, posted: 25-Mar-2007 13:48

Here's a game I'd want if I had an Xbox 360: Yuvraj Singh International Cricket 2007, which I think is currently being released this month. Not that I'll ever see an Xbox 360 but still... a HDTV cricket game that lets you play in the ICC (read the entire post)...

Rockstar Supernova Lukas Rossi hits Auckland strip joints

, posted: 25-Mar-2007 10:11

Intrepid paparazzo Dylan Reeve hit pay dirt early this morning while out on a stag/hen night when he snapped Lukas Rossi of Rockstar Supernova fame outside Showgirls and Penthouse, two Auckland establishments of some repute:

Checking out t (read the entire post)...

Hustle for Russell

, posted: 10-Mar-2007 15:31

Dear Juha Just wanted to flick an email your way to let you know about a fundraising auction we are throwing for the well-deserving Russell Brown and his family. Not only an auction of fantastic items, the night promises a great musical line-up, wi (read the entire post)...

Drought and humidity but a nice city

, posted: 6-Mar-2007 21:20

Brisbane seems to be a pleasant enough place, despite the worst drought of a century. The lack of water coincides with 95% humidity and record temperatures. It certainly felt clammy walking around but not as hot as in the tropics thank goodness (read the entire post)...

Earthquakes in Auckland: 4.5 magnitude

, posted: 21-Feb-2007 21:02

The Shakey Isles are living up to the name tonight - there's been a 3.7 magnitude earthquake in Auckland.

According to GeoNet, the earthquake was 30km east of Orewa on Auckland's North Shore:

Reference Number (read the entire post)...


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