Nokia upgrades: Symbian Belle for the N8 and MeeGo PR1.2 Harmattan for N9

, posted: 16-Apr-2012 14:51

I still use the Nokia N8, even though it really didn't bowl me over with the original version of Symbian ^3 installed. Flashing the phone with Symbian Anna made it much more usable, and a while ago, I spotted Symbian Belle and upgraded the N8. Belle (read the entire post)...

Yes, this iPod still works

, posted: 18-Dec-2011 20:19

Abby's iPod has taken a beating but it keeps on err, beating. Or delivering the beats. Something.

Screen is smashed but it still works.

(read the entire post)...

Samsung Galaxy Tab so good Apple wants it banned?

, posted: 13-Oct-2011 15:36

The global intellectual property war between Samsung and Apple is heating up. Apple managed to get the Galaxy Tab banned in Germany this September, and now the Federal Court of Australia awarded the Cupertino crowd an "interlocutory injunction" again (read the entire post)...

Symbian Anna on Nokia N8

, posted: 5-Oct-2011 14:39

Today's the day Apple launched the new non-iPhone 5, and it looks good. That's all I can say about it; for more details, read Siobhan Keogh's story in PC World with details on what's available in NZ - and what isn't. Meanwhile, I've fired up the Noki (read the entire post)...

Termination rates and margins

, posted: 5-May-2011 16:13

I see that TUANZ is err, calling for a national day of calling which is a big call although I wish they had called it something else. The media release says this amongst other things: The Commerce Commission has reduced the termination rate for a vo (read the entire post)...

Nokia N8 too little, too late

, posted: 18-Nov-2010 13:40

It's 2010, and Nokia comes out with the N8. The Finns have had years to learn from Apple and its hugely successful iPhone, not to mention Google and the Android. They've been able to note how Microsoft, RIM and Palm have spun their wheels without g (read the entire post)...

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

, posted: 19-Sep-2010 13:57

I've had the Samsung Galaxy i9000 for a few weeks now, and as it's going back to Vodafone soon, it's time to note down what I thought of it. Full specs and some issues are recorded on Wikipedia, and there are any number of detailed reviews out on t (read the entire post)...

Got to touch a pair of Windows Phone 7 devices

, posted: 31-Aug-2010 12:53

Been running around Tech Ed 2010 here in Auckland, checking out what's new in Microsoft-land. The one thing that most people are curious about is Windows Phone 7, so here it is. Check out my piece in Computerworld on my initial impressions of Windo (read the entire post)...

Windows Phone 7 to hit New Zealand in October?

, posted: 26-Aug-2010 13:21

Unlike overseas, it's almost impossible to get any information out of the local Microsoft subsidiary when it comes to Windows Phone 7. In Australia, Telstra and Microsoft is already talking about handsets, albeit in a mumbly fashion that doesn't mean (read the entire post)...

Got an iPhone? Watch out for roaming charges... even with roaming turned off.

, posted: 13-Aug-2010 12:44

My good friend Nic "Fastchicken" Wise has been travelling with his iPhone 4 (flash git, and he won't give me one either) racking up big data charges despite having roaming turned off. Being a good geek, Nic filed a community bug report on this "featu (read the entire post)...


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