Telstra fires blogging staffer calling for open communications

, posted: 8-Oct-2006 14:39

Been meaning to congratulate Telstra in Australia for keeping up with things and allowing staff to blog at Now We Are Talking but.... but, I don't think I will do it now.

Tom Reynolds, formerly a Case Manager with Telstra's Nationa (read the entire post)...

Taser teaser with numb chucks

, posted: 1-Sep-2006 10:28

Cracker, or Damian Christie which is, I believe, his non-honkified real name, has posted a hilarious recording of a person posing as him, making a phone enquiry about buying tasers.

Tasers are all the rage at the moment in New Zealand and (read the entire post)...

Genitalia and insect cooking tips from the BBC

, posted: 29-Aug-2006 13:14

Finally, a food programme worth watching: Cooking in the Danger Zone on BBC.

It's food writer Stefan Gates who wades in with an open mind, curious tastebuds and an iron-clad stomach. Brave man he is too. I've not had dog ever (won't e (read the entire post)...

Journalist fakes interview with Bill Gates - and other celebrities?

, posted: 9-Aug-2006 11:16

Full marks for cheek, but zero for honesty to Norwegian freelance reporter Bjørn Benkow who was caught out making up an interview with Microsoft founder Bill Gates last week.

Benkow wrote a four page piece, after claiming he was on (read the entire post)...

Shock! Tilgate Playground Moped Horror Reverberates Around The Globe

, posted: 4-Aug-2006 15:41

News media love stories of young people seeking fun and thrills, as long as such capers "go horribly wrong". This mission of disapproval has been greatly helped by the Internet because it means the journalists now don't have to leave their desks to g (read the entire post)...

Police record Mel Gibson's anti-semitic rant after DUI bust

, posted: 30-Jul-2006 22:00

The drunk driving is one thing, but Mad Max seems to be completing the full circle here, or perhaps the downward spiral that started with with the historically bogus Braveheart and continued with The Passion of the Christ, a film that was branded as (read the entire post)...

Mumbai Bombings: the terrorists failed

, posted: 13-Jul-2006 16:22

Two hundred people dead and over seven hundred are wounded in Mumbai/Bombay after yesteday's train bombings, thought to be the work of Islamic terrorists Lashkar-e-Taiba.

That is a shocking figure.

However, if the terroris (read the entire post)...

Bloggers and EFF win against Apple Computer

, posted: 27-May-2006 17:06

Support Bloggers' rights!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation says that a Court of Appeal in the State of California has ruled in favour of that organisation's petition that said the Powerpage web sit (read the entire post)...

Publicity money can't buy

, posted: 23-May-2006 17:01

What does BBC's Guy Goma interview gaffe have in common with the "Telecon" spoof commercial?

Both are incredibly popular currently, making the rounds all over the world. They've propelled BBC and Telecom New Zealand to the fore of (read the entire post)...

GPforums fisks Ian Wishart

, posted: 20-May-2006 19:59

As a certain aggressive journalist isn't often challenged, it seems appropriate to give this thread on GPforums wider airing.

The Ian Wishart in that thread is the proprietor of Investigate magazine and the verysame scourge of the Labo (read the entire post)...


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