Sometimes you have to say 'no'

, posted: 3-May-2007 14:53

Kim Zetter at Wired News writes that PC World US editor in chief, Harry McCracken has quit abruptly, because of editorial interference:
... the company's new CEO, Colin Crawford, tried to kill a story about Apple and Steve Jobs. The (read the entire post)...

Utterly good: Dan le Sac vs Scroobious Pip

, posted: 18-Apr-2007 20:07

Every now and then, a sheer flash of brilliance appears. Here's another one of those rare moments.


Thou shalt not steal if there is direct victim.
Thou shalt not worship pop idols or follow los (read the entire post)...

How much would you pay for Digital TV?

, posted: 11-Apr-2007 08:31

May 2 is the launch date for DVB-S or free-to-air (if that's the right term) digital broadcasts in New Zealand. Although Kordia is running terrestrial trials as well in Auckland - sshh, don't tell anone, Kordia likes to be secretive about the (read the entire post)...

Vuze challenges Joost

, posted: 10-Apr-2007 21:21

Joost was first out of the blocks, but now the people behind popular P2P application Azureus have launched Vuze . (The name means... views. Geddit?) In other words, P2PTV competition is heating up.

Vuze is making a point out of High (read the entire post)...

Could APN please hire a tech editor for the Herald?

, posted: 10-Apr-2007 07:11

Like it or not - and I contend that there are plenty of people in New Zealand who don't - technology is important nowadays. It keeps the wheels of the economy turning and by itself, brings in plenty of money. Maybe it's not up there with farm (read the entire post)...

Is that all Tom's Hardware's worth after 10 years?

, posted: 9-Apr-2007 17:12

Reading on The Inquirer that Tom's Hardware appears to have been sold to, well, we don't know whom yet. Rafat Ali at PaidContent thinks it's French B2B media organisation BestofMedia Group. Umm... whodat?

Either way, The Inq re (read the entire post)...

Old media fires warning shot across Google's bow, gets more than bargained for in return?

, posted: 8-Apr-2007 09:37

Are search engines and aggregators like Google stealing content? That's what Sam Zell, new owner of media giant Tribune Co contends, and he's not alone. Google settled a lawsuit last week with Agence France-Presse (AFP) over Google News usin (read the entire post)...

Blogging's credibility dilemma

, posted: 27-Mar-2007 11:24

There's something of a debate going on over at Mauricio's blog as to the perceived lack of accuracy in the "mainstream media" and how blogging and bloggers are taking over as credible news sources. Paul Brislen whom I've worked with for m (read the entire post)...

Farewell then, InfoWorld

, posted: 25-Mar-2007 14:22

Missed this item from ValleyWag that appeared on Friday, and which says that InfoWorld will be dumped and turned into a web only news site. There's no official confirmation from InfoWorld's owners IDG yet, and ValleyWag is quoting a subscribe (read the entire post)...

Online increases profitability: IDG

, posted: 11-Feb-2007 13:43

As you probably know, I'm a long-standing contributor to IDG publications like Computerworld and PC World in New Zealand and elsewhere; well, I was until last year, when Fairfax Australia bought the New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysian IDG titles (read the entire post)...


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