Speaking of prank calls

, posted: 9-Dec-2012 12:37

Victor Lewis-Smith applies for a presenter's job at the BBC. (read the entire post)...

What PR people really think of journalists

, posted: 16-Jan-2012 21:04

David Strom's December story at RWW about the "Ten Biggest PR Blunders of 2011" mentions things that happen every year for as long as I've been in this game. The story isn't so much about blunders as pressure to please the client being passed onto jo (read the entire post)...

Hacks <3 hacking

, posted: 28-Jul-2011 15:19

Newsrooms everywhere love the word "hacking". My hot tip to budding star journos is to use it as often as possible, in any context. The front page will be yours, and that's guaranteed. Don't worry too much about the facts because nobody will understa (read the entire post)...

Seagate photo and video competition for journos, snappers and bloggers

, posted: 15-Jul-2010 13:38

If you have some pictures and videos that you're proud of, you might want to enter them into the Seagate Precious Memories competition that's on at the moment. Prizes in the photo category include a 1TB FreeAgent GoFlex Desk drive, and 500GB and 320 (read the entire post)...

Browning jumps from Freeview to Hybrid TV and TiVo?

, posted: 31-Mar-2009 17:32

Freeview sent over a press release earlier today, saying Steve Browning, its GM, has resigned effective April 9, to "pursue new opportunities".

The release doesn't say why he left or where to, but Allan Swann at NBR reckons Browning has go (read the entire post)...

Full TVNZ content on SkyTV from June-July this year

, posted: 25-Mar-2009 16:03

Maybe it was due to political pressure from National, but TVNZ and Sky Television say they have come to an agreement that means all of the state broadcasters's channels will be available on the latter's service.

This means high-definition (read the entire post)...

The (fake) full list of Academy Award Winners

, posted: 21-Feb-2009 22:25

Here you go. I don't know if this is accurate at all, but posting it for the fun of it. Let me know if it's completely wrong. Err... when are the awards? Have they been already?

I've only seen Dark Night... The Wrestler sounds very good, d (read the entire post)...

Further adventures in media

, posted: 21-Jan-2009 13:08

2009 looks like it'll be a busy year, sagging economy notwithstanding. Apart from my other gigs, I've started contributing to ZDNet Australia, and I'm very pleased about that. It's a great tech news site with a massive amount of information that shou (read the entire post)...

Sponsored conversations are deceptive marketing

, posted: 24-Jun-2007 10:23

In one corner: a bunch of earnest bloggers with big audiences looking to make money. In the other corner: seasoned public relations and marketing people, drooling over the big audiences and smiling benignly at the naïve bloggers.

When (read the entire post)...

Fake Steve Jobs is a Microsoft blogger operative

, posted: 23-Jun-2007 14:59

Nick Denton at Valleywag has a short yarn about bloggers parroting Microsoft's "people ready" slogan, in a campaign by John Battelle's Federated Media. I agree with Denton that it's sad to see allegedly respected blog-voices bend over and (read the entire post)...


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