TelstraClear bets on Pretty Damn Boring broadband

, posted: 29-Jul-2006 15:41

TelstraClear has been adrift in New Zealand for a while now. The second-largest telco hasn't been able to bypass Telecom's vice-like grip on the last mile and been largely left out of the broadband market here.

An effort to resell (read the entire post)...

Cringely slips up on his pulpit

, posted: 26-Jul-2006 12:16

Robert X. Cringely is an excellent read most of the time. He doesn't shy away from controversy, and often picks up on stuff other geek commentators miss. His last column, They Wrap Fish, Don't They? in which he rants against news on the Inter (read the entire post)...

WiMAX or bust tomorrow afternoon for Woosh? Or are they buying an ISP?

, posted: 23-Jul-2006 11:20

What's Woosh going to announce tomorrow afternoon - Monday 1.45pm New Zealand time?

The "media alert", which Woosh's PR bods sent to all and sundry, including people who no longer work at the publications in question, only says:
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Telecom Mobile fined for 025 to 027 marketing campaign

, posted: 21-Jul-2006 15:34

The Commerce Commerce said today, Friday July 21, that Telecom Mobile has copped a $45,000 fine with $3,000 costs ordered against it in the Wellington District Court.

Telecom Mobile was fined for breaching the Fair Trading Act sections 11 (read the entire post)...

Free international and local calling with Jajah - on your normal phone

, posted: 18-Jul-2006 10:46

Voice over IP calls or Internet Telephony means cheap calls, but how about free local and international ones? That's what Jajah promises, and better yet, you make the calls with your normal phone and not your computer.

Well, that's (read the entire post)...

Bureaucrats approve of Telecom's talkfest plans but ISPs remain suspicious

, posted: 17-Jun-2006 15:33

On Friday, Telecom CEO Theresa Gattung sent out a letter to the incumbent's wholesale customers in which she proposes to set up two industry working parties that would hammer out technical details and an implementation schedule for services about (read the entire post)...

The real reason DSL costs so much?

, posted: 31-May-2006 08:04

Michael Sainsbury writes in The Australian's IT section that telecommunications technology giant Alcatel overcharged Telstra for supplying DSL equipment, by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Although it's amusing to see Alcatel CEO (read the entire post)...

Donate Xtra goodwill credit to Indonesian quake efforts

, posted: 30-May-2006 14:57

The Indonesian earthquake toll is huge according to news reports, with the number of dead now at some 5,500 and 130,000 people homeless. People need aid desperately, but donations from New Zealand are slow to build up, due to "compassion fatigue" say (read the entire post)...

Pretty please Xtra, can I have some credit?

, posted: 28-May-2006 15:47

DPF posted on Kiwiblog that Xtra customers will have to apply for the four days' worth of Internet usage credit that Telecom promised to give after a week of severe network outages.

"Surely not," I thought, because didn't Telecom&# (read the entire post)...

More on TelstraClear's 100Mbit/s cable upgrade

, posted: 20-May-2006 15:33

Small update on the entry about the 100Mbit/s upgrade for TelstraClear cable customers rumour: an industry source in Wellington says such an upgrade has indeed taken place, but not for TelstraClear and not in New Zealand.

Instead, the sour (read the entire post)...


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