The problem with VDSL2, part 2

, posted: 27-Aug-2013 14:28

Turns out that it is too early to write off VDSL2 as a less than robust technology, one that's hyper sensitive to cross-talk and interference. As readers of my blog might recall, my VDSL2 connection dropped more than twenty megabit/s in speed despite (read the entire post)...

The problem with VDSL2

, posted: 26-Aug-2013 14:09

Update The below isn't correct, and my connection is now back to 67Mbps down. See the new blog post. In May I blogged about my VDSL2 connection dropping down in speed, or rather switching profiles from 17a to 8b, for no apparent reason. At the time, (read the entire post)...

The mysterious Dynamic Line Management on VDSL2

, posted: 30-May-2013 18:08

After a long run on Profile 17a, my VDSL2 connection was dropped down a few weeks ago to Profile 8b by the Dynamic Line Management that Chorus uses. What this means is that the connection, which on 17a would sync at 65Mbps or so down, now syncs at 42 (read the entire post)...

Patchy UFB coverage for Auckland?

, posted: 28-Sep-2012 14:12

A media release from CIT minister Amy Adams arrived earlier today. It states: Year three ultra-fast broadband deployment plan released Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams has welcomed the release of Chorus' year three deploy (read the entire post)...

VDSL2 installed

, posted: 14-Apr-2011 15:26

Finally, I have mo' betta upstream, courtesy of Snap Internet and Telecom Wholesale.

The download figure might improve as Chorus will rewire the connection soon. Also hope to have a different VDSL2 router than the borrowed Alca (read the entire post)...

Snow job on termination rates

, posted: 12-Aug-2009 10:54

There's a new stoush over termination rates brewing, this time cooked up by a rather peculiar alliance: Econet's successor NZ Communications/2 Degrees, Matthew Hooton's PR company Exceltium, Consumer NZ and The Telecommunications Users Association of (read the entire post)...

Orcon lays off 23 staff

, posted: 5-May-2009 13:37

Yesterday, I got an email saying some of Orcon's prices "simply aren't sustainable", meaning the excess data charge doubled from $1 per GB to $2, unless you took up the $8/month for 5GB additional traffic offer.

Today, I see that Orcon is (read the entire post)...

Google confirms Unity cable between Japan and the US

, posted: 26-Feb-2008 16:28

Commsday has the scoop on Google building a $300 million cable between Japan and the US:

Google will combine with SingTel, Bharti, Globe Transit and Pacnet to build the mooted Unity cable, connecting Japan to the United States. The $US300m (read the entire post)...

CBS signs up for Joost: smaller broadcasters to feel the pain

, posted: 13-Apr-2007 20:15

After getting cosy with Viacom in February this year, Joost is now officially in bed with CBS as well. That means popular TV programmes like CSI will appear on Joost plus CBS News (they're not there yet; I just checked).

This is one de (read the entire post)...

Orcon's loss-making telco gamble

, posted: 23-Jan-2007 16:03

Orcon announced earlier what they're going to do in cahoots with Siemens, and it's not ADSL2+, but VoIP or Internet Telephony as it's sometimes called. In other words, Orcon wants to become a telco.

That's understandable b (read the entire post)...


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