Gutmann Reloaded and My Vista HD Fiasco

, posted: 26-Jan-2007 16:35

Peter Gutmann isn't taking Microsoft's rebuttal of his paper on Vista's DRM lying down. Instead, he's put up an addendum to his original paper, unravelling the bits that he terms as "PR spin". Reading Gutmann's response, it looks (read the entire post)...

Vista networking much faster than XP

, posted: 21-Jan-2007 16:13

As I was responding to a post about Gigabit Ethernet networking here on Geekzone, I did some testing using a tool called iperf from NLANR or National Laboratory for Applied Network Research. Iperf is simple to use yet feature rich, and is very useful (read the entire post)...

Vista DRM Domesday Scenario rebuttals

, posted: 21-Jan-2007 13:28

There's usually another side to any story, and the one about Digital Rights Management in Windows Vista is no exception. As I mentioned Peter Gutmann's A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection in an earlier blog post, which in turn (read the entire post)...

Internet Explorer 7 is vulnerable to the VML hole - patch now!

, posted: 10-Jan-2007 17:03

In September last year, I wrote about the Vector Mark-Up Language zero-day exploit for Internet Explorer, saying:

I'm waiting to hear from MS if IE7 too is vulnerable to the VML hole. It might be, as it looks like it too has sup (read the entire post)...

Dear me... another bizarre promo from Microsoft

, posted: 4-Jan-2007 16:17

What do you do if you're Microsoft, and has released a product that's really quite good but perhaps not as stunningly great as to persuade customers with older versions to upgrade to it?

I'm not talking about Vista versus XP, but Office 20 (read the entire post)...

Poll: yes or no to Vista's DRM?

, posted: 30-Dec-2006 11:46

Take Our Poll Poll requires Javascript to be enabled.

Speaking of Vista and its DRM stuff, Mauricio sent me a link to an interesting take on it and Peter Gutmann's paper which I blogged about earlier, by Cringely.

(read the entire post)...

That Microsoft-AMD-Acer laptop fiasco

, posted: 29-Dec-2006 10:00

You can't have missed by now that the blogosphere is on fire over the initiative by Microsoft, AMD and Acer to send out laptops to bloggers. My take on it is that in principle, there's nothing wrong with the initiative. Some bloggers are very (read the entire post)...

DRM behind lack of Windows Vista drivers... and fear the new content protection

, posted: 24-Dec-2006 16:24

The "professionally paranoid" Peter Gutmann at Auckland University has ripped into Windows Vista Content Protection (VCP) and written a paper, well, a web page then, called A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection that makes for worrying r (read the entire post)...

Kill GRUB!

, posted: 26-Nov-2006 13:08

My attempt at setting up a new machine with three kinds of Windows and one variant of Linux is only three-quarters successful at the moment. I've got two disks, and the idea was to do it like this:

Disk A
Windows XP
Windows V (read the entire post)...

Vista RTM: better but still buggy

, posted: 19-Nov-2006 11:31

Finally got Vista Release to Manufacturing or RTM downloaded - took a while because after initially hitting 400kbyte/s, the MSDN download servers got overwhelmed and the speed slowed down to about a tenth of that.

Upgrading from RC2 was d (read the entire post)...


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