Windows Vista finally working

, posted: 21-Apr-2007 10:12

I am posting this blog entry from Vista, using Firefox Before that, I read email with Thunderbird The Dell Photo 926 printer now prints, and Joost works great.

What did I do? Well, after upgrading the BIOS on my Intel 975 (read the entire post)...

Caption contest: Helen Clark meets Steve Ballmer

, posted: 26-Mar-2007 09:02

I wonder what the PM's looking at on the tablet PC? Not Ian Wishart's site or Kiwiblog I hope.

According to the press release I got, it was a warm and cosy moment in Redmond, like this...

New Zealand Prime (read the entire post)...

Ack, Vista removes XP F8 boot options

, posted: 17-Mar-2007 14:52

No news probably, but I just noticed as I was trying to restore XP on a dual-boot installation with Vista installed that while you can do the F8 options for the latter, they're no longer there for the former. Pain.

This is no doubt due (read the entire post)...

Weird Outlook recurring retrospective reminder

, posted: 16-Mar-2007 11:17

Ah... uhmm, happy extremely belated birthday then, Matt. Sorry I missed it last year :)

I really don't know where this came from, because I didn't enter it into Outlook's calendar. Matt must've hacked my Outlook (no, (read the entire post)...

Working BIOS driver crack for Vista released

, posted: 13-Mar-2007 17:14

John the Bluespark Flashboy pointed me to this Digg entry on what appears to be a new, working crack for Windows Vista. It's basically a BIOS driver used by OEMs that tells Vista it doesn't need to validate the copy, as it's deemed inconv (read the entire post)...

Lookout OneCare!

, posted: 11-Mar-2007 12:23

Was this a close shave? I was about to install Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare security package on my Vista box here to see what it can do. Reading this post on BetaNews however, I'm going to wait. Since I still haven't been able to make (read the entire post)...

Windows Vista problem solving (not)

, posted: 24-Feb-2007 19:16

I really want to like Windows Vista but it's turning into seriously tough love. Every now and then things fail on Vista, for no apparent reason. Starting this month, the Nvidia video driver has "stopped functioning" but then recovers. The screen (read the entire post)...

MSN Hotmail bites the dust

, posted: 15-Feb-2007 17:58

Here's something I've not seen before: MSN Hotmail getting overwhelmed and not being able to serve up the webmail interface.

That's (yes, that's the URL) which is what I get when I launch MSN Hotmai (read the entire post)...

No wonder 'bot armies' are so large

, posted: 14-Feb-2007 10:02

It's Patch Tuesday (or Patch Wednesday for us in the antipodes) again. My Windows Server 2003 SP1 box wants eight updates, six of which security patches, plus the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and a Daylight Savings Time fix.

read the entire post)...

First Ultimate Extras appear for Vista together with language packs and updates

, posted: 31-Jan-2007 12:30

The Windows Vista launch is over and done with so now Microsoft's OS is well and truly released. Honest.

This means people with Vista Ultimate Edition should get some of the Extras that will only be available for the top-end version. (read the entire post)...


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